How to improve your endurance

by Francesca  – Thursday, 8 August 2019

How endurance will be your strength

Intense workouts do not have to be solely tough on you in order for them to effective. In fact we will tell you how they will turn out to be the secret sauce that boosts your performance each time.

There are a number of things we can do to get you leaving intense workouts victorious and enlivened so you can enjoy them even more, helping you take a large step up in fitness and fun.

Here is something to contemplate:

Elite long distance runners run around 20 km/h in an aerobic, sub-hard effort state. That means their system treats this jaw-dropping speed and strain similar to what a brisk walk to the bus stop does to us mortals. That is indeed unbelievable!

Here is the good news, you don’t have to be outrageously genetically gifted in the field of aerobic capacity, it is trainable to a large extent. In the following, we will share some eternal truths of aerobic performance enhancement with you. All legal and totally achievable.

The Gold Standard

What we are focusing on here is boosting your ability for higher endurance during hard training sessions. The one thing that will make a world of difference is your aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity expresses how hard you can work without having to resort to anaerobic resources and pathways that will lead to a build-up of lactic acid in your system. Accessing our fat and glycogen stores for as long as possible during our efforts is key.

Luckily, this is trainable through aerobic, meaning low-intensity, workouts. The goal is to have your performance rise over time whilst keeping your effort level well below the anaerobic threshold. This helps achieve greater efficiency in fat burning, faster recovery and a calmer mind, getting you ready in no time for the next workout session. That way you have room to improve faster over time!

Superpower Boost

What is actually going on inside of us that suddenly allows us to avoid gasping for air and burn through our muscle at current rates?

Your body adapts to the kind of work you do over and over again, so spending more time in a state where oxygen is utilized, blood is flowing, and mental stress is lower will lead to a better system for using those resources. Low-end endurance training provides you with better blood flow to your muscles and encourages the building of more mitochondria, both which boost your fat burning capacity.

The beauty lies in the fact that you will be able to use these adaptations at higher rates of effort, making your body more and more efficient and ready to take higher workloads.

Introducing the keys to true endurance: Patience and Consistency

There is no way around it, the big bulk of your training to increase your aerobic capacity will consist of low-end endurance exercise. What does that look like? Think of our evolutionary past. Roaming around, gathering and light jogs in groups all day long provided our ancestors with excellent basic endurance.

Long walks, hikes, super light jogs of 40 min and above 2-4 times a week. A rough but good guideline is that you still want to be able to have a conversation. You want to stay within the range of 65 – 80 % of your maximum heart rate. Even very fit people might have to start at a walking pace.

It is very hard to feel your way to the right intensity on your own. That means: Gear up! Using a heart rate monitor will make all the difference for true progress.

Turbo Charge your progress

You will make some progress with basic endurance training alone, but it will take a while for your system to adapt and after that you may find it hard to see fast improvements. That is where high-intensity workouts really give you the bang for your buck! They load your system with new inputs and challenges which do wonders to improve your strength, endurance and mind set. With each high-intensity training, you will take a huge step up from where you were before, boosted by this solid foundation of aerobic capacity.

With your next Velobeat or Veloburn class, you know exactly how you are benefiting in a big way. By keeping your body guessing you can ensure it performs at its very best.