Meet the Manager: Sabine

by Mal – Monday, 14. October 2019

Tell us about your first Ride ever with Velocity?

My first ride at Velocity was a Burn Ride with Rolf in September 2016. I was just tagging along with a friend who told me I should really check out this new spinning place. What can I say, I don’t remember much (even though I am sure some Bon Jovi was involved), but it must have been good, cause I was hooked ever since !

What brought you to Switzerland? What were you doing for work before Velocity?

I had friends who lived in Zurich and I fell in love with the town, so I looked for a job here, simple as that ! My work experience is heavily based in customerservice and operations, from luxury goods to lifestyle products. I love the interaction with customers as well as racking my brain about how to improve processes that make the wheels turn. There are definitely a lot of challenges but way more rewards that come with this line of work. Most important for me, not one day is like the other, it never gets boring.

Okay, so what made you decide to take the leap into fitness?

After discovering spinning at Velocity, I started going to personal trainings with Alessandra and with that I met more personal trainers and Velocity Instructors. Slowly but surely working out became one of my passions – not just for the physical benefit but also for the social aspect. I was already toying with the idea to get more involved in it in my professional life too and as if she knew, one day Mallory called me saying she has a crazy idea … the rest is history !

Tell us more about Team Awesome…

Team Awesome started as a running team, Aaron reached out on his IG asking people to run with him. Bruno and me said sure thing, let’s go run together and slowly but surely we had more and more people running with us and started organizing bootcamps and little events here and there. The spirit behind Team Awesome is to have a good time together while getting fit and to welcome each and everyone into our team. We are super lucky to have so many people around us who helped and supported our events, Velocity being one of them !

Tell us a story about one of your tattoos?

I have a tattoo on my wrist that most people know as the logo of the beer brand Astra. However, the origin is a different one, it symbolizes belief (cross), love (heart) and hope (anchor). I grew up in a harbour city and it is a traditional sailor tattoo, supposed to bring good luck for travels.

What’s your favorite part about working with the team?

I love that even though we are all very different, everyone has the same passion for Velocity and its community. It is what makes this place absolutely unique.

Okay, answer these questions in less than 3 seconds…

  • Who’s the messiest instructor?
  • Claudia, in a fun way
  • Which instructor has the weirdest eating habits?
  • Mhh I don’t know.. probably George
  • Who’s the loudest instructor?
  • Definitely George… Claudia and Leticia !
  • Which instructor spends the most time hanging around the studio?
  • Priscilla
  • Which instructor talks non-stop?
  • Aaron

Speaking of eating habits, we know you’re a big fan of Roots. Tell us about your decision to be Vegan.

I LOVE Roots ! I stopped eating meat almost 25 years ago, becoming vegan was just the next logical step at some point, I can’t really say when the change happened as it was slowly  – maybe 10 years ago ? Not eating meat anymore was an ethical decision – meaning I want to avoid inflicting harm on any living being as good as I can. This does not only include not killing animals, but also not supporting the egg / dairy industry. The fact that being vegan ecologically and environmentally makes sense, is an added bonus. I could go on a rant now about all the things I would still like to improve, but I think I’d rather point out how grateful I am that so much has already changed in the last years and that there are places like Roots now who make the vegan lifestyle available to a broader audience.

What else surprised you about Velocity once you got a good look behind the scenes?

The fact that Travis still has another full time job… I don’t know how he does it, but I am sure glad he does !

What excites you the most about Velocity’s future?

That’s a tough one! So many things, really, I can’t wait to watch us grow, move and tackle the future!