Music: Funky house, Latino, Hip Hop and Dance

Ever since Daniel was young, he’s had a burning passion for sports and competition. Always on the lookout for new physical challenges Daniel has a strong background in fighting sports such as Boxing, Taekwon do and Kung Fu. Nowadays his focus has shifted towards calisthenics, bodyweight workouts and learning new skills such as handstands, backflips and whatever crosses his crazy mind. Born in Russia, raised in Germany and having done has Bachelor in Business Management in London Daniel has returned to the love of his life - the city of Zurich to solely focus on improving peoples overall health. „It just clicked“ he says when he first visited an indoor spinning class and witnessed when the music, the riders and the coach were riding to the BEAT - "majestic". Thats when he decided to join the velocity academy and learn to ride the wave of music.