Instructor & Front Desk Manager
Nathalie is Swiss with Sicilian and Portuguese roots. Passion and fire flow through her veins. Movement has accompanied her almost all her life. Starting with rhythmic children's gymnastics, ballet and figure skating - she was already very active as a child and full of energy. After her apprenticeship she rediscovered dancing for herself and started intensively with hiphop, ballet and jazz dance. From then on she danced her way through life. After a very long and intensive dance career with various stage shows, musicals, various performances and other enriching experiences, she decided to enter the world of sports. The human body was created to be moved. She wants to inspire people and support them to strive for the maximum in their lives - both physical and mental well-being. Exactly this desire and joy she wants to pass on to other people. At Velocity Nathalie has the opportunity to combine her passions of music, dance and movement. Powered by her strong, cool hip hop beats, she wants to offer the riders an unforgettable Velobeat experience!