Velobeat Coachr
Music: Electronic, House, Trap

Growing up as a dancer, music was always a huge part of Lenas life. From the moment on when she was able to stand on her feet, she started dancing as soon as her father played music. Therefore, you always could see her running around because sitting still was actually really hard for Lena. Having a lot of energy and feeling the need to move all the time, sports in general always keep her busy and happy. From dancing to weight lifting, over cycling to playing ball sports or doing yoga everything is included. Following a professional dance career showed Lena her true passion for moving to music…. There is no better feeling for her than pushing yourself further and further, pushing yourself over your limits and feeling amazing and sweaty afterwards. In Lenas Beat Rides you will have both; a crazy dance party combined with a killer workout. Come check it out, get lost in the music and feel the sweat dripping down.