Francesca R.

Veloburn Coach
Music: Hip Hop, Grime, Punk Rock… and some guilty pleasure too (Britney Spears, anyone?)

Francesa is originally from Italy, born and bred in Roma. She moved to Zurich to pursue a PhD in 2012 and now works as a Post-Doc researcher in the field of applied physics (nerd alert!). She has always been athletic, practicing gymnastics and dance as a kid, as well as yoga and weight lifting later on in her life. But, it wasn't until she discovered Velocity that she fell completely in love with indoor cycling. For her, Veloburn is not just a workout, it's an experience. You are faced with your own performance, you cannot hide from it, and this pushes you to do better. From the very first ride she knew that she also wanted to become a fitness coach to make people feel as strong and empowered as her coaches made her feel before she herself got on the podium. Her goal is to motivate people to become the best version of themselves and she considers it a job well done if someone can enter the room having a bad day and leave with a smile.