Starting The New Year’s Resolutions Today

By Cameron – 18 November 2021

Have you ever woken up after January 1st and revisited those goals from the previous year? Maybe the Christmas cookies and open bowl of chocolates got the best of you. Maybe you lost the incentive to hit the gym because of all those remote work days. You’re not alone! 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, and you guessed it, most of them are fitness related. The good thing about resolutions is they can be resolved any time. So with 6 weeks left in the year, here are some ways to stay fit through the winter while getting a head start on your goals.

Balance Out Your Rewards

As the weather cools down, the inspiration to get out and keep up the fitness regimen can be a lot more difficult. Curling up under a warm blanket with a sleeve of Oreos sounds a lot more fun than 50 minutes on the bike. Part of it is guilt, and part of it can be the negative effects of high sugar diets, but taking advantage of the plethora of comfort foods this holiday might set you back on your resolutions in 2022.That said, you should absolutely enjoy yourself this holiday season and eat what you like.

At the same time, a healthy relationship with food will help you stay on track. One way to do that is to use comfort food as a reward for your hard work during training sessions. Try to keep a balance of your healthy diet while still taking time to enjoy the things you like. At the end of the day, you’ll feel as though you’ve earned these occasional treats without having to guilt trip yourself.

Stay at Home Fitness

If you don’t feel like leaving the comforts of home, you can still find a lot of different ways to be active. Velocity Live has a vast collection of 300+ On-Demand workouts and livestream events with all kinds of workout options, from beginner to expert, for you to try. Every plan has a 10-day free trial, where you can try out your membership and see what works for you! There’s also plenty of resources on YouTube and applications like FitOn which have affordable or free classes at every level. You don’t need much equipment to train well at home. An exercise mat, some small hand weights, and resistance bands can offer a multitude of different opportunities for you to be successful.

How to Set Goals

Often our resolutions are really broad and unfocused, such as “I want to get in shape”. When it’s hard to define your goals, it’s even harder to stick to them. To help yourself stay on track, set realistic expectations that can be quantified. So if you want to get in shape maybe your goal is to limit your caloric intake to a certain number and work out 3 days a week. This way at the end of the week you checkmark your accomplishments. Make sure to have both short term and long term goals clearly defined.  As you progress, don’t be afraid to adjust your goals accordingly. They aren’t written in stone. Give yourself rewards when you do accomplish those goals, whether it’s a cheat meal or taking a day off to enjoy your favorite comforts.

Let Velocity Take The Pressure Off

There’s a lot of great theme rides coming up this Winter so stay tuned for all the action. Indoor cycling is an excellent way to burn calories and take the edge off the pressures of the holidays. We also have some 90 minute rides coming up to help get that extra burn. If you’re looking to step up your strength training, we have Power Hour sessions on the x-formers to help push you towards your goals. Don’t stress this holiday season, and join us to help you feel fit and healthy so that this time you can set a different New Year’s resolution.

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