Velocity 5 Year Timeline

by Laura – May 30 2021

On June 5th 2016 we opened the first ever indoor cycling studio in Zurich West. The last year and a half has been unprecedented to say the least, but what path worth taking doesn’t have it’s obstacles?

Thanks to our incredible community, we’re still here and wow, what a ride it’s been. 

Let’s take a quick look at the journey through each year.


In June 2016 we converted what was a brand new empty space, into the indoor cycling studio that is West.

We shipped in 26 bikes, installed sound systems, lights and a lot of soundproofing.

We hired our first set of Velobeat and Veloburn coaches, including Alessandra, Fabian and George amongst others, and opened the doors to our new Zurich community. 


In 2017, we hired three more coaches who have long been with us now, Aaron, Leticia and Claudia. The team grew as did our workout schedule.


In 2018 we begun our search for other spaces as a location for our second studio. When we grew frustrated with looking in downtown Zürich for a large space, we broadened our scope to Zug. Then in the Summer of 2018… boom. We found ourselves with two potential locations, one in Zug and one in Zürich Enge.


2019 was a big year. 

First we opened the Zug studio in February which included the introduction of Power, a low-impact strength training on an Xformer machine. The perfect compliment to Indoor Cycling, in our opinion.

We then had VELOLOCO, which was, well, LOCO.

In June we had a sunny staff party to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

And then came Enge in September 2019. 


In June 2020, we couldn’t celebrate as we normally would due to being in full blown lockdown but we were kept busy delivering bikes to our clients and coaches to keep the Velocity spirit up at home. 

We also launched the online store including the Velocity-at-home bike and Velocity live, the on-demand streaming platform in December 2020 to enhance the Velocity-at-home-experience even further. 


In March of this year we launched Outdoor Rides as the studios were still limited by the pandemic restrictions. And finally, here we are in June about to host our 5th year anniversary with 5 outdoor rides, free food and a cash bar. Help us pray for good weather and hope to see you there!

Book your bike on Saturday 5th June for one of the five rides at West and join us to celebrate Velocity turning 5. 

5 rides for 5 years

  • Alessandra 10:00
  • Leticia 11:05
  • Lena 12:10
  • Felizia 13:15
  • Franziska 14:20

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