Influencers and their importance for our society

by Kim – Thursday, 27. December 2018

When we hear the word “Influencer” we immediately think of Instagram, Youtube and co. Influencers are best described as people who report on brands and present products in social networks. Due to their recognition and strong presence, they have a great influence on their followers. Through Influencers, companies have ambassadors who promote their products via social media and thus reach many customers. For many, it is not clear whether they really believe in and use the product or whether it is just about money. And exactly this is very dangerous for many, especially young people. As the term implies, they influence not only teenagers, but also adults and the economy.

A lot of young people no longer have singers or actors as role models, but Influencers who entertain thousands of  followers. The danger is that the Influencers introduce a product that is often overpriced and even more often they make false promises about what the product delivers. Of course, many followers want to have this product, because their role model is seemingly convinced of it. Nowadays, it can go so far that one is bullied or excluded if one doesn’t follow a certain trend. This can also be stressful for parents who don’t want their child to feel excluded.

It’s important that children, teenagers and adults are educated about the world of social media, so that they don’t believe and buy everything that is presented in the online world.

Influencers, of course, have good sides as well. They can inspire and motivate us to change something in our lives or to rethink our behavior. They also draw our attention to problems such as pollution of the seas by plastic waste, bullying or sexual abuse. Someone begins to talk about a topic that was otherwise considered taboo, then many follow suit and dare to share their opinions and experiences. This can lead to solutions that would have otherwise not been thought of. Influencers have the opportunity to use their reach to address important issues, whether in politics or business.

Try to filter the people you follow on Social Media. It is important to build your own opinion about people and topics. So decide which issues are important to you, whether that be women’s rights, climate change, animal rights, or others. Use your voice and try to secure a place in the world where you can express your opinion and don’t let yourself be manipulated.

To end this post, I’d like to give you some recommendations for instagram accounts which are good to follow:

  • @aninamutter – is all about sustainability
  • @andreamonicahug – is all about beautiful photographie and fashion inspirations
  • @fannythefoodie – is all about plant-based food inspirations
  • @m0reniita – is all about healthy body image
  • @claudias_movement – it’s all about fitness and inspiring thinking

Please check them out, so you can get an opinion of some great accounts.