Instructor Spotlight: Cherelle

by Sabine  – Wednesday, 26  February 2020

Hi Cherrelle, so happy to have you on the team, but let’s start at the beginning! How did you hear about Velocity?

I heard about Velocity from a friend who was also involved in cross-fit. I used to do cross-fit before and just like Velocity, it is a instructor-led intense work-out.

What made you want to become an instructor ?

I wanted to become an instructor since I started taking indoor cycling classes in The Netherlands in a local fitness center. Later, next to my studies and PhD I started to teach classes. It gives me a thrill to present in front of audiences in general. I really like to motivate people, to connect them and let them enjoy the feeling of accomplishment together. What I like most, is to bring people from different backgrounds, generations and disciplines together. Whether it is on the workfloor, in friendships or within sports.

What is for you most of importance when you teach a class?
I try to pay attention to each and every person in the class. In such a personal atmosphere I believe someone is able to push limits further. Also very important for me is that party-mode is ON.

You moved here from the Netherlands, tell us a little bit about how you experienced this change.

Living abroad, outside of my comfort zone is what makes me feel home. As I was living abroad during studies and research this was not new for me. I enjoy the feeling of being a foreigner, it keeps me curious. When things stabilize I normally start to look for a new challenge.

You already taught your first classes – were your nervous the first time ?

I used to teach indoor cycling before, but Velocity is for sure something different! The standards are very high at Velocity. This made me feel very nervous in the beginning.

What is your philosophy for a healthy lifestyle? 

I have been always interested in how to respond in the right way to physical pains. Pain is one of the few ways our body communicates with us. I try to listen and cooperate with my body, instead of working against it or ignoring the signals it gives. I am obsessed to understand why my body reacts in a certain way and try to solve such issues at the source. For example when I feel a headache, I remember that I should drink more water. When I feel back or neck pains, I check my ergonomic seating position in the office.

In the same way I think about sports. When sports causes unhealthy pains (I do not mean muscle pains, that is all fine to a certain extend) like knee or back problems, I take a moment to reflect what should change. Most of the time its related to wrong bike positioning or technique.

In class I try to transmit this philosophy as well. We are working together WITH our bodies, hearts and mind. Not against it. This is what I believe keeps happy and healthy in life.