Instructor Spotlight: Bruno

by Sabine – Tuesday, 15. January 2019

1. Bruno, tell us how you first found out about Velocity?

I found velocity through Alessandra! I knew her already and she invited me to meet the studio and do an experimental class – from that moment on I fell in love and didn’t want to leave Velocity ever again!

2. What made you want to become an instructor ?

I believe it was right the first time I clicked into a bike here at Velocity. From that moment on I wanted to be here having fun and sweat it out with all of the riders by doing different exercises on the bike! I will always try do my best for this community with dynamic and fun classes!

3. How would you describe what people experience when they come to your classes?

I think they feel positive vibes and a feeling of “mission accomplished” after my classes! I will always seek to show a variety of songs and dynamic exercises! My focus will always be on making you feel your muscles working strong! Burning is our main goal, isn’t it?  Join me and let’s have fun together!

4. You were a lawyer before you moved to Switzerland, when did you decide to make a change in your career and what difficulties did you face ?

I started thinking about changing my career when I arrived in Switzerland. I was given the opportunity in Zurich to work with sports, health, well-being and happiness! Everything that I believe in and always looked for in my life! It is still an incredible feeling to be able to live so many of my different and new dreams. This transition was a giant step for me! I can definitely say that I have made some good improvements in my first year here, but the challenges never end. That’s life and how I love it!

5. When you moved here, you did not speak German, tell us a little bit about how you experienced this change.

Really! This was my biggest fear at the beginning! Coming to a country where I would not understand anything people were talking about. But as soon as I arrived I did an intensive German course to understand at least the basics and to be able to communicate better. Zurich is a very international city and English is spoken by almost everyone. This helped me a lot to integrate my self faster. I am still sometimes struggling with my English, but I am where I am because of it which is amazing.

6. You already taught your first classes – were your nervous the first time ?

Actually I was very nervous! I think all us instructos feel a lot of pressure to deliver high level classes for all ours riders! I will be honest! Every single class I learn from my faults and I take them to improve the next one! Being nervous is good because it keeps you focused, eventuelly I do hope that  feeling will be less present as I am getting more experienced.

7. Is there something you have learned  about yourself from your riders ?

I have certainly learned to become less hard on myself. I am now able  to enjoy the moment in and out of the Velocity room much more!

8. Velocity is more than just fitness, how would you say you represent our community inside and outside of class. What is Velocity for you ?

I would say that I represent our community with happiness and smoothness in and out of class! Velocity for me is a place where you can forget your problems and concerns of real life, you are here to enjoy  the ride and work hard for your mental and physical goals!