Interview with Sport.les Founder Megan Herak

by Mal – Monday, 25. September 2017

  1. Tell us a about Sport.les – what do you sell and where do we find you?

We created the concept Sport.les (sport. lower east side) in January 2016. After many years in NYC, then making the move to Zurich two years ago, the hole in the market was evident. After missing my favorite boutique brands in NYC when working at Physique 57, I was forced to order from the US and saw the opportunity to share these great designers with the Swiss and EU market. Activewear is my streetwear, and for me, it is about functional fabrics to take me through my entire day while still looking fashionable.

We are primary an online shop but have shops and studio partners currently in Zurich. Our first launch and shop-in-studio was at Velocity followed by our boutique in Vestibule, Atha Yoga, and then Pilateszone. There will be events and pop-ups around zurich but also Lausanne and St Gallen this fall.

  1. Where did you start and why now Zurich?

I have been working in fashion industry since 2001 taking on many different roles in my career. Then the move was made to the fitness industry in 2013 as retail director for Physique 57 when the athleisure moment was starting to form. We moved to Zurich for a job opportunity and a year later the Sport.les concept was formed.

  1. What are the biggest challenges in a green market?

Reaching the masses and educating the consumer. It is¬†important to explain the concept on how to “take it to the streets.” Fitness wear comes second to RTW and we are curating in a way that takes you through the day of an active lifestyle without looking so sporty.

  1. What are the biggest opportunities?

The Swiss market is slowly shifting to online shopping and with Sport.les  being primarily online, and a new concept, it will take a time to gain the confidence of the market. We also import smaller designers that are unknown so communicating the background of the designer and informing consumers about fabrication is a very important part of our concept.

  1. What are your biggest success factors?

Being the first to bring the concept to Switzerland and having extensive knowledge of the sportswear market.  We have be honored to form great relationships with our partners in the Zurich community and look forward to working with other markets in Switzerland.

  1. What do you predict for the future of the Zurich fitness and activewear market?

The movement is coming to the EU with the strongest markets in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland is starting to boom with boutique studios and a growing fitness community with classes, follow by a juice and vegan salad. Paris is also poping up with boutique studios and when visiting, you see people wearing leggings with trainers on the streets.