Velocity’s HOMEPARTY Workout Playlist

by Liza – Tuesday, 14. April 2020

Next up on the LOCKDOWN list line-up is Liza’s HOMEPARTY playlist.

As you know, we are focused on coming back stronger. Check out last week’s blog post about smart goal setting to help you stay focused. Dedicate time to think about how you want to emerge from this situation. This is your chance to cut through the noise, breathe new life into your goals, and define your terms for your personal post-lockdown comeback. This comes just in time for Easter – a time when resurrection is a prominent theme. And of course, we have the perfect playlist to help pump you up, or keep you going the distance on a run.

Together, let’s focus on making a comeback and emerging stronger. We’ll also continue providing workouts on Velocity’s Instagram live page. If you miss a session, you can also find recordings of most of our workouts uploaded later on our Vimeo or IGTV channels.

Keep well and set your sites on #comingbackstronger. See you online!