Meet the Manager: Bibi

by Sabine  – Sunday, 25 August 2019

Manager for: Velocity Enge

Motto: “I regret that workout” – said no one, ever.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you became a part of the Velocity Family as well as some more info on the studio? Where is the studio located and what we will offer ?

I knew a couple of instructors that worked at Velocity prior to joining the team, who kept telling me that I would absolutely love it – they were right! I joined the Velocity family in January 2019, in preparation for the launch of Velocity Enge. The studio is located on Platform 1, sector A of the Zurich Enge train station, a fantastic location that some may remember from the time the space used to be a nightclub, Club Station (I definitely do!). Velocity Enge will be offering Velobeat, Veloburn, and Power classes. We’ll have 30 bikes and 10 Xformers. We are also extremely lucky to be joining forces with a well-know Zurich brand, who will be ready for you with coffee, juices, protein shakes, breakfast, salads and more, before or after your workouts!

It would be great to get some more insight in your personal background? Were you always into fitness ? 

Having moved around quite a bit growing up, fitness is one of the few things that has remained constant in my life. It all started with pre-professional classical ballet training at the Tanz Akademie in Zurich when I was 6. I grew up training intensively six times per week, after which, I don’t think I was ever able to sit still for long! Now I like to change things up though. Currently, my favorite sports are boxing, horseback riding, skiing, and of course, Power!

You are an Instructor for Velocity’s third concept, Power. Can you tell us what Power exactly is ? 

Power is a 45-minute high intensity, low impact, strength training class. All exercises are performed on an Xformer machine (check out our Instagram account to see it!). The machine uses spring resistance instead of weights, to avoid impact on your joints. Imagine doing a pushup with your hands on two skateboards, as slow as humanly possible, without letting the skateboards roll away. That’s kind of like Power! You are guaranteed to sweat and shake, working your muscles to fatigue. It’s great for deep muscle strengthening and full body toning.

What can your customers expect and how will they feel when they leave the room ? 

They can expect to be motivated and challenged, to sweat and to shake! But at the same time, to have a lot fun. They leave the room stronger than when they enter, both physically and mentally.

Velocity to you means…

A place where people can let their guard down and just enjoy, alongside an incredible team!

What are you up to when you are not at Velocity…

I’ll usually be out and about with my friends and family, working out, or traveling.

And the final question, what is your favourite song to POWER IT OUT to ? 

Clap your hands by Solomun

Bibi will be teaching Power soon in Enge, keep your eye out for her on our schedule!