How to Meet New Friends & Surround Yourself  with Inspiring People in A New City
by Cameron – Saturday, 31. July 2020

New to Switzerland?

Welcome! Whether you’re here for work or play, the first step to feeling at home anywhere in the world is to find your people. This might come more easily for some than others depending on your personality type, how many people you already knew when you moved here, where you’re working, or a variety of other factors.

No matter who you are though, cracking the Swiss social code can often feel a little intimidating. Switzerland may not have the largest cities in the world, but they are definitely fast-paced working environments. People tend to keep pretty tight schedules and this makes it tough to connect with others without a little extra effort. Many of our own team members experienced this challenge themselves when they first moved here.

The Good News

As intimidating as it might seem at first glance, it’s definitely not impossible to make new friends here. All you have to do is actively put yourself out there. The best way to do this is by joining group activities related to your interest.

Connecting Over a Mutual Interest in Fitness

Joining a fitness studio can be a great way to meet new people because chances are very high that you’ll already have something in common with the person next to you. Just by the fact that you are in a fitness studio, it’s fairly safe to assume that you both care about living an active lifestyle. With group fitness, the chances are also very high that you and the person next to you also enjoy the same kinds of exercise activities as well. That’s already 2 things in common! At Velocity, we’ve seen first hand so many wonderful friendships blossom during people’s time here.

Sweating Together Builds Bonds & Improves Performance

It’s scientifically proven that sweating together does bring people together. Working out increases oxytocin levels, decreases anxiety and improves your overall happiness. All of this makes it easier to connect with others on a deeper level. Studies also show that performance in aerobic and anaerobic activity actually improves during group workouts over solo activity. The mere presence of others in the workout can help improve your speed and efficiency.

core workout

Connect with Your Coworkers Outside of the Office

Taking a coworker to a workout with you can be a great way to get to know them outside of a business context. A lot of colleagues from different organizations meet up at Velocity for workouts in the morning or at lunch time. One organization that often joins us sets regular challenges for its employees and even passes around a trophy for the person who pulls the best distance and energy output!  This team bonding is good for you, as well as productivity in the company as it teaches you to set goals and work together. Velocity offers discounted opportunities for companies who want to work out together – so don’t hesitate to ask us if your workplace is eligible.

indoor cycling class

The Velocity Community

From our international team members to our diverse client base, we really pride ourselves on the melting pot of personalities and cultures that makes up the Velocity community. In Zug alone, 70-80% of the community are ex-pats in a similar position that you may be in, looking to meet new people and get involved in a shared activity. Right from the start, you have shared interest in fitness by just being here, and it’s a great starting point. Combine that with a friendly environment where people are always willing to build new relationships and you have the perfect recipe for making lifelong friends.

I myself was introduced to the Velocity concept when my girlfriend was working here. Since then I’ve really come to value all the new friendships I’ve developed from working alongside great people and meeting enthusiastic clients that have made it part of their routine to join our classes. It’s a unique experience at the studio, and we’re always excited to share it with others.

Velocity’s Social Events

Velocity hosts a lot of social events at the studios. Keep an eye out for newsletters and new blogs about social gatherings and stay for a few drinks, great music, and lots of laughs with the employees and studio members. We hope you join us soon and see for yourself what the community is all about here at Velocity!