How to push your limits during a workout
By Alexander – 15 March 2022

You probably had workouts where you just wanted to give up, or maybe you did and then felt guilty about it. Below, you will find five tips on how to be able to push yourself both mentally and physically through even the hardest of workouts.

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Set milestones

It can be overwhelming and demotivating to think about a whole workout. Set up milestones throughout. Try 4 different sections first, and see what works best for you. For example, in a 50-minute workout, set your goal to around 12 minutes first, and then the next one to 24 minutes etc. You’ll see the time ticking faster. But if time stresses you out, try not looking at all. Lose yourself in the sensation, the music, the strain in your muscles – and you’ll find yourself going even harder.

Treat yourself

Having something to look forward to is a great way to motivate yourself to keep hammering through the workout. Think about watching the next episode of your favorite series, a steaming hot shower, or even a chat with a friend. Giving yourself a treat after a hard training session is a very powerful motivator also for your future workouts and will subconsciously make you train even harder the next time.

Channel your emotions

Being frustrated or having a terrible day doesn’t have to ruin your workout. When things start getting hard during the workout, and you feel like giving up, feel your emotions and channel them out. It obviously works quite well with positive feelings too. Just focus on what you’re feeling, as cheesy as it sounds.

Change your mindset, and be present

Suffering is only in the future or in the past and the pain you’re feeling is only there if you put a label on it. Just going that one small step further each time, redesigns your new normal. And let’s be honest, you can push it harder.

Find something you like about it

Nobody is making you take this hardcore 75min Veloburn workout… but you still want to. So let’s face it – deep down you actually enjoy it. Find some reason why that might be. Maybe it’s the time you get to spend away from your computer and your shitty boss or the thing that clears your head. Or instead of calling it pain, think of it as the sensation of building muscles, and enjoy that.

If you want to push your limits, we have a few longer rides on our schedule this week, so book your bike now. And remember, growth happens outside of your comfort zone, so lean over the edge.

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