Velocity Community Spotlight: Manuel, Stephanie & Rachael

by Laura – June 10 2021

We’ve seen many great people walk in and out of our studios. Some go from clients to front-desk managers or coaches, many become friends. In celebration of our five-year anniversary, we asked a few members of the community about their experience at Velocity. 


How long have you been coming to Velocity?

I’ve been coming to Velocity since August last year

What is your favorite workout?

Power is my favorite workout, I also attend the Outdoor Rides since they’ve started too

What is your favorite thing about Velocity? 

The coaches, the variety of workouts, the boutique studio that is managed very professionally. The music, the energy here and that it’s very close to where I live and the energy here.

Which studio do you usually attend? 

I usually attend West as it’s close to where I live, but I go to Power in Enge.

Say hi if you see Manuel in your next Outdoor Ride or Power Workout


How long have you been coming to Velocity?

I started coming two months after the first studio opened in West five years ago and have been here ever since

What is your favorite workout?

I used to love Beat and hate Burn but now it’s actually the other way around which is great because as you go along you change and there’s always room for improvement which is what I love about the workouts.

What is your favorite thing about Velocity? 

What I love about Velocity is the community and the people. I’ve met so many people over the last five years, some of them have become good friends, clients as well as staff. I love the interaction with the Velocity community, that’s also one of the reasons I became a front-desk manager over a year ago and a Power coach at the end of last year. 

How does it feel to now be a coach and a client? 

Haha! It feels pretty great! It’s really cool that you can motivate people. When you see them coming back and improving, it gives you so much energy, and that really is the best feedback you can get. That they keep coming back and enjoy the workout.

You can catch Stephanie E. at the Enge studio for Power on Thursdays at 17:30, 18:30 & 19:30


How long have you been coming to Velocity?

 I have been coming to Velocity for 4 years now. 

What is your favorite workout?

I am defo a BURN fan. I have tried the other workouts but this is definitely my favorite. And spinning outside right now is so much fun. Just gotta remember the sunscreen! 

What is your favorite thing about Velocity? 

Apart from all the fabulous people I’ve met, what I love about Velocity is the sense of strength and power I have cultivated. I love the Metrics from the Burn classes because it helps me see how I am progressing. 

Which studio do you go to the most? 

I have been to the West studio most, which makes sense as it is the first studio. But I also go to Enge. And I have even made the trip to Zug a few times to support my new favorite instructor,  Livia. 

Anything else you’d like to add? 

I really appreciated how Velocity treated its clients during the lockdown. Having the bike at home, the Instagram live rides, and the constant updates and messages they posted on Social media. It kept me feeling positive and connected. The second lockdown, they doubled down on being awesome and did it again, but this time with the development of the really excellent Velocity Live. Now that we are back, mostly, I want to say that I love having the option to ride outside without a mask.  

Say hi if you see Rachael in your next Outdoor Rides

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