The 11 Side Effects of a Velocity Class (because we couldn’t keep it to just 10!)

by Mal – Saturday, 2. June 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one morning with a perfectly sculpted butt, a six-pack stomach, plus perfect arms and legs? (just getting your attention). And all this without hours in crowded big box fitness centers? Yeah, we’d love that too. Alas, waking up to an instant fix is wishful thinking. And dreaming or waiting for that perfect future timing doesn’t get wanted results today. You’ve got to put the work into your work-out and it starts with scheduling. At Velocity, we want to give you every reason to schedule fitness into your busy lives. Whether it’s a Beat or a Burn Ride, the 50 minutes at Velocity is sure to accelerate you toward your goals. The workout is not only highly effective, it is seriously motivating, empowering and a ton of fun. Every reason to sign up, no? Well, if you’re still wondering about the benefits of an efficient 50 minutes at Velocity, read on…

Here are 11 “Side Effects” our Riders often cite after class:

1) It boosts your mood.

When you exercise, endorphins flood your brain. These happy hormones improve your mood. So, the next time you’re feeling in a slump, come to Velocity! Even if part of you just wants to go home, we promise you’ll leave Velocity feeling much better.

2) It keeps you looking like it’s 1999.

Studies show that these tough times on the bike actually reverse the signs of aging on your skin, keeping you looking visibly younger. So your post-ride glow actually lasts longer than you think.

3) Moving gets you moving.

Cycling helps to improve your circulation, your lung capacity and your, ugh… digestion.

4) You’ll improve your posture.

All those isolations you’re doing and hills you’re climbing aren’t for nothing. These bad ass moves will strengthen both your core and your back, ensuring you can walk proud and tall.

5)  You’ll put your heart into it.

Or at least you should be! Studies also show that regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by half.

6) Cycling is the key to a perky bum.

Cardio is great for fat loss – so if you’re carrying a little extra weight around your butt and hips that you’d like to lose, cycling can be a great way to lose it. At the same time, cycling can help tone your butt muscles, giving those cheeks a perkier look.

7) Feel the burn… and be burning.

Getting your blood pumping during a 50 minute ride can burn up to 1000 calories. So that burning feeling really is your fat crying.

8) Colds and Flus will become a thing of the past.

Regular exercise keeps immune cells active. That way, they’re ready to fight off infections easily.

9) Flex and be flexible.

Not only will you be able to flex some new muscle, you’ll also be limbered up. We’re especially talking about your joints. Because it’s both high-intensity and low-impact, riding makes sure that your knees and hip flexors stay well-oiled.

10) Have a new personal coach.

Our instructors pay attention to you. In class, they are speaking directly to you and encouraging you to do your best (giving you that barely attainable goal). They make you laugh, push you just the right amount, and care about your experience. They are approachable, and they are there to talk to you after class about just about anything.

11) Be a part of something bigger.

Velocity is a place that motivates and connects people a very positive way by creating the feeling of being a part of something bigger. We’re all about community and those good vibes!