Velocity’s SUMMER Playlist

by Erika – Wednesday, 8. July 2020

Next up on the Spotify list line-up is Erika’s SUMMER playlist.

Ready to kick some ass this Summer? Show us what you got by joining our epic #Back2Back challenge this July. Our classes are always tough, but this month we are kicking it up a notch with extra speed, advanced choreos, & even more resistance with our #Back2Back challenge. That’s right, take 2 classes, one right after the other, and get 50% off the second credit, for the entire month. Here’s how the #Back2Back challenge works:

  1. Book your first-class as normal through our online platform.
  2. Once you’re at the studio, ask your front desk manager to book you in for the second class using the #Back2Back discount
  3. Pay for your discounted credit in the studio & join the second class for 50% off!

Note: The credit for the discounted class must be purchased IN-STUDIO on the same day. Credits previously booked online do not qualify for the discount. & in order to be considered “Back2Back”, two classes must be taken within 2 hours of each other.