Why you should never skip warming up

by Liza –  Wednesday, 9. January 2019

Even though you might think your actual workout is the real deal, warming up should never be skipped,as it is just as important as your main workout and your cool down (check out https://velocityswitzerland.com/the-cool-down/ on why cooling down is important ).

But why exactly is a warm up so important and what are you risking if you skip it?

Injury prevention

Low intensity training, for example cycling or running, for a few minutes at the beginning of your workout gets blood flowing through your body, not only preparing your muscles but also your heart for the following high intensity training. It is much more likely for muscles or tendons to tear or get strained when they haven’t been warmed up beforehand. Increasing the temperature and oxygen flow allows the muscle to contract and relax accordingly and tendons to increase flexibility, allowing them to better handle stress. Preparing your circulatory system before going all out important as well, otherwise you might overwhelm your heart and won’t be able to perform for as long.

Improve performance

Your body performs better when it’s warm! Your joints will allow you to use your full range of motion during exercises and you’ll increase energy consumption, making your workout more efficient. On top of that, your muscles are able to perform faster and stronger when they’re warm. When we talk about warming up, however, we do not just mean the physical bit. Mentally preparing for what’s ahead can drastically improve your performance, helping you last longer and getting the most of your workout.

So the next time you’re going to workout, make sure to warm up thoroughly. If you’re training in a group, for instance when you’re going to ride for the next time, show up on time so you don’t miss the warm up – it’s crucial to a good workout!