Wellness trends about to blow up in 2020

by Kim – Tuesday, 24. December 2019

The New Year 2020 kicks off in less than a couple of days! With a new year comes new trends and we want to share some of the top health and wellness trends of 2020 with you. We’ll be looking increasingly towards technology and personal experience to improve our physical and mental wellbeing next year. That’s not surprising considering we are a generation who are consistently trying to find new ways to unwind, because a lot of us feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope due to stress these days.

The first one is CBD (cannabidiol), it is essentially the non-psycho-active strain of cannabis or hemp. CBD does not contain THC, so it is therefore perfectly legal, and it is thought to be supportive in the face of mental or physical stress. Available in drops an in edible form, CBD is specifically used in skincare products for its healing properties because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it calms the skin, eases redness and aids in cell renewal.

Let’s turn to technology, new tech is putting our health data at our fingertips and our health care in our hands. When the first apple watch was released, many thought why do I need a mini phone on my wrist when my phone is in my pocket? Now, these little helpers on our wrist be it an apple watch or a fitness tracker have become indispensable. These smart wearables are personalized health-care devices and arming their users with easy-to-digest snapshots of their activity and recovery data in order to optimize their health and wellness. In 2020, new gadgets, features, and health-care applications for this tech will reach more people than ever before. A lot of people are using apps for their workouts, meditation or just for the right breathing before going to sleep. Such apps give you the opportunity to squeeze little workouts or meditations session into your busy everyday life.

Another trend are Megaformer-inspired workouts. Fitness has been set to the tune of “harder, better, faster, stronger”. For Megaformer workouts, you use a machine that looks like a medieval torture device to activate slow-twitch muscle fibers that help build endurance and stamina. Sounds familiar? At Velocity, we call this Power; 45 minutes of strength and endurance training while you’re getting a range of motion and sweat. But why do these machine-based workouts see such a spike in popularity? People are busy and they love efficiency, so these workouts will give you more for your bucks! For anyone looking for a workout that will help them break a sweat without breaking down their bodies, the Megaformer is an efficient and effective answer.

Chickpeas are everywhere! These little peas are no longer used just for hummus, they are being transformed into healthier, high-protein version of classic comfort foods, from pasta and rice to chops and ice cream. Chickpeas are versatile, nutritionally dense, allergen-friendly and inexpensive as an ingredient. Chickpeas are proving to be the next big chameleon of the healthy food world.

A trend which grows for quite a time and is going to be the future of the beauty industry, because we as a customer won’t have it any other way, is sustainability! Let’s face some numbers. The personal care industry produces about 120 billion packages every year and in 2019 73% of consumers say they want to reduce their impact on the environment and 38% prefer buying sustainable beauty products. We want more sustainable manufactures; sustainable packaging and we want to understand the materials brands are using. Some brands will make all of its packaging fully reusable, recyclable or compostable or they plan on being completely plastic-free by the end of 2020. From the old phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”, reuse is a key component for the industries. If packaging can be reused, there will be a huge reduction in the amount of waste that’s created! The industries have gotten that they have to put sustainability first and that these changes need to go deeper than the packaging, so they have to become more conscious of using ingredients that are planet friendly.

Just because it is a trend should you do it? Trends are big-picture, unstoppable, inexorable forces that are shaping the world we live in. However, it is your choice if you want to hop on that train or not.