Beating the Heat

by Liza – Thursday, 4. July 2019

Summer is in full swing and so are the warm temperatures. The heat wave hasn’t made it easy to work out outdoors, or to move at all. Here are some tips for you to beat the summer heat.

The Lakeside

Doing a few laps in the lake definitely counts as a workout! If you want to enjoy the sun while working out, there’s nothing better than refreshing yourself in the lake and going for a swim. Even working out in the shade beside the lake can make dealing with the heat easier since you’ll be able to feel a nice little breeze.

The right time to work out

It’s probably not going to be just as hot in the morning and the evening as it will be around noon, so it’ll be more pleasant to be outdoors then. Especially if you want to go for a run, avoid noon and afternoon since it might actually be dangerous in extreme temperatures.

Get used to the heat

Several studies have actually proved that getting acclimatized and working out in the heat can have several benefits. It can increase blood plasma volume, which will make it easier for your body to supply your muscles and your skin with oxygen, it decreases your heart rate and it’ll make you more efficient, hence making you run better and faster in all temperatures. However, do make sure to start slowly and only repeat short sessions every three days to begin with to prevent heat stroke.

Change your altitude

Going to the mountains or running in a forest will also ensure cooler weather for your workouts. Going for a run or a hiking all day long is a great addition to high intensity trainings.

Train indoors

Do you ever wish that you could just escape the heat for a while? Going indoors will definitely help with that. AC indoors will ensure that you’ll be able to train at used temperatures, just don’t forget to warm up.

On a side note, Velocity has made sure to keep its cool, so we’ve installed a new AC to beat that summer heat. But don’t worry, we’ll make you sweat anyway!