Comparing Standard Gyms and Boutique Fitness Studios

by Cam – May 14 2021

There’s no shortage of fitness options in Switzerland and it can be overwhelming when trying to find the right fit. There’s a lot of decision to make in terms of price, availability, and training style. In the end, whether it’s powerlifting, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, or cycling the goal is to help you become or stay a healthy and stronger person. 

Large standard gyms can give you excellent variety, but they come up short in a lot of important areas when it comes to helping you with your long-term success. Here are some differences between standard gyms and boutique studios to keep in mind as you choose the best option for you. 

Personal Development

 A standard gym may only have one or two personnel on staff managing a massive area. It can be difficult for you to get personal attention or direction from staff, and you usually have to pay additional fees to obtain personal training or prerecorded video classes.

At boutique gyms such as Velocity, you get the benefit of having focused workouts with coaches and a community that cares. Coaches can help you with adjustments to your form during workouts to make sure you maximize your results in the studio. They are also conscious of any limitations you may have and will change their direction to make sure you have a safe workout. 

Coaches are also constantly changing up their routines and playlists so you can be sure that each week you get a new and fresh experience rather than the same program. The staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions about nutrition and fitness programs to help you reach your goals. 

How You Pay

Standard gyms have a lot of space and equipment to maintain and manage. Their goal is to sign up as many people as possible, but there is an incentive for them to not have frequent visitors. This is because wear and tear to the equipment means they would have to replace these expensive items. For this reason, they often try to lock customers into long-term contracts after a trial period so that even if you don’t use the gym often, you still pay for the services. On top of this, any extra classes or personal training result in additional fees. 

Velocity avoids this by allowing you to pay as you go. Velocity’s credit system doesn’t lock you into a studio or single type of class, you can use them for any workout in any studio at any time. The more workouts you commit to, the less each one costs giving you extra value. 

We also have a flexible policy that allows you to cancel up to 12 hours before the workout and keep your credits. If you need to take a break because of an injury we have no problems extending your credits until you are safe to return. We also let you use your credits to bring friends and family into the studio to join you in your favorite workout. 

Attention to Detail

With such a large space and high turnover, it can be difficult for standard gyms to manage the cleanliness and provide the best facilities. They can also be limited in the amenities they can provide. 

At Velocity, we take pride in our facilities and offer free clean towels to all our clients, as well as private shower spaces with top brand shower gels and shampoos like Rituals. You can also utilize Dyson hairdryers with powerful controlled airflow and adjustable heat settings. Additionally, we stock high-end fitness wear to suit all your needs. We are always sure to keep the studio cleanly and thoroughly wipe down equipment and surfaces at the end of every workout. 

Most importantly, you get staff and a community that cares about you. They’re always willing to lend a helping hand or just discuss what’s going on in your life. We support each other and get the best out of each and every workout. Velocity staff takes the time to learn and know all of our customers’ names and greet you at the door because we care about our clients and helping them reach their goals any time they step into one of the studios. 

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