7 Benefits of an Xformer Power Workout

By Anna – 28 April 2022


The Power workout is completely unique to Velocity – it combines slow controlled movements with bursts of cardio and badass music for a high-intensity, result-driven & energizing workout in just 45 minutes. But it’s not Pilates! We work the legs, core, and upper body in every workout. And although the Xformer is a simple machine that uses the body as the source of power, it allows for over 200 different movements to target very specific muscles that are otherwise difficult to train.

Besides the obvious benefits of a workout in general, there are some specific advantages unique to our Power Workouts at Velocity. Find out below!


Adding bursts of cardio, or as we like to call them “Power Pushes”, into the workout helps you get your heart rate up just enough to warm your body up, without leaving you feeling exhausted and out of breath. It tends to make you energized and motivated to keep going throughout the day.

And we all know by now that physical activity in general releases endorphins and leaves you with a blissful post-workout glow. Add badass music, amazing community, and inspiring coaches to the mix and you’ll leave all your worries behind.


By training muscles that are otherwise difficult to exercise, the Power workout helps you improve your proprioception. This inward attention and ability to focus on the sensations in your body heightens your awareness of comfort or pain, your emotions, and your surroundings.

Proprioception improves the body’s ability to respond to stimuli, which can help prevent injuries and falls. And because you’ll be more conscious of your body’s hunger signals, better body awareness may even assist you avoid overeating.


While Power is definitely a full-body workout, improving your core strength has amazing benefits for your overall well-being. Core strength is less about six-packs and muscles and more about being able to maintain your body in its ideal postures. Strengthening your core can help prevent back injuries, improve your core alignment and result in better posture.


Because your movements on the Xformer are within your natural range of motion, you’re not putting additional strain on your joints or muscles. This is why Power is perfect for all fitness levels, as well as those recovering from injuries. It also helps to promote ease of movement, which can become increasingly important as we age. Targeting small muscle groups and stabilizers around our joints which are otherwise difficult to train helps protect us during other activities, such as high-impact sports.


Flexibility refers to a muscle’s ability to stretch passively, while the range of motion at a joint is referred to as mobility. Flexibility, as well as strength, are required for good mobility.

Smooth transitions between precise and slow, controlled movements keep a Power workout flowing. Most of the movements involve a combination of strength, flexibility, and mobility, rather than just stretching.


Moving your body already has a positive impact on your sex drive, but engaging in a Power workout helps with your endurance, strength, mobility, and flexibility too. Which in turn enhances your bedroom shenanigans, by letting you explore some exciting positions, for longer.

Additionally, for women Power is also a great way to improve pelvic floor strength and function, and a strong pelvic floor correlates with increased sexual pleasure.


All the other benefits aside, Power is a fun and engaging workout. Where else would you be able to perform “Screwdrivers”, “Jackhammers”, and “High Pliers” while listening to epic beats? And the best part – if you enjoy it, then you’ll keep doing it.

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