How to increase your competitiveness to push your limits

By Anna – 21 April 2022

Are you looking to improve your fitness game? Your mindset plays an important role in progressing your performance.

We’ve all heard that friendly rivalry, whether it’s a buddy workout program or a training partner challenge, can be motivating, and (as long as you don’t get too worked up about winning or losing) a lot of fun. But according to a new study published in the Journal of Preventative Medicine Reports, competition may be more important to long-term success in accomplishing fitness objectives than previously considered.

Being competitive means aspiring to be at least as good as, if not better than, others of a comparable nature. And in this competitive setting, each person’s activity raises the bar for everyone else. But how do you increase your competitiveness?

Below you’ll find 3 main tips, that might make it easier:

Do it in a team setting

It’s proven that when we are responsible for only our own results, we tend to give up faster. Being a part of a team, however, can greatly influence our willingness to perform better. The thought of being a cause of failure for the group adds an additional motivator.

Step out of your comfort zone more often

Maybe you once were uncomfortable having your name on the Leaderboard, but have you thought about it since? If not, perhaps it’s time to revisit that. You’re stronger with every workout, so step out of your comfort zone. Have it up on that board, see how it makes you feel. And you can always choose what to display as your name… nobody needs to know it is you. Be aware though, you will be more motivated to push harder, so make sure the next day is a rest day 😉

Track your performance

Have a look at your statistics regularly. Seeing the progress you make will make you crave it even more. But don’t focus on all the numbers at once, it can get overwhelming. Choose something that you’d like to work on every single workout and make it happen. You’ve got this.

If you’re ready to spark up that competitiveness, check the schedule for our Veloburn Team Rides: Odds vs. Evens Theme.

Don’t hesitate to book your bike even if you don’t feel up to the challenge just yet. Veloburn is the ultimate way to compete in a friendly environment. Low-impact, high-endurance – it lets you push yourself beyond your physical and mental boundaries. This high-intensity interval training allows you to compete against your previous performance while motivating you to keep up with your teammates.

Let’s get stronger together.

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