Velocity’s CHILLOUT Playlist

by Daniel – Wednesday, 29. April 2020

Next up on the Spotify list line-up is Daniel’s CHILLOUT playlist.

Life has always been about choices. Every choice we make has the potential to impact not only us as individuals but everyone and everything around us. This is a powerful truth that brings us great hope for the future.

There is no better guarantee of a better tomorrow than for us to make it happen. Please continue making mindful choices in the upcoming weeks, for your health, for that of others and for our environment. In order to help you make more environmentally friendly choices, we announced this week that we will be introducing reusable laundry pouches to our changing rooms. And we certainly won’t stop there.

To help get your mind in the right place, give you a moment to center and give you space to think about the future choices you want to make, the CHILLOUT playlist is here for you.

We won’t stop providing live workouts on Velocity’s Instagram live page, including an occasional Yoga, Meditation or Motivational session. If you miss a live class, you can also find recordings of most of our workouts uploaded later on our Vimeo or IGTV channels.

See you online!