Veloburn Instructors Wanted

by Mal – Sunday, 26. April 2020

Preface:  Wanted!  Instructors to rock Veloburn*

*At the moment, Velocity is only looking for Veloburn Instructors.

Being a Velocity instructor truly rocks. No doubt, it’s very challenging. But it’s also very rewarding. If you have ever considered instructing or want a new challenge, see if you check the boxes below.

  • Do you love Velocity?
  • Do you enjoy energizing and inspiring others?
  • Do you have at least 2-3 hours in your week to commit to instructing?
  • Want to join an amazing community and instructor team?

If you answered yes to the above, keep reading…

Fitness checkbox. You will need a solid fitness foundation, both strength and endurance. Velocity instructing demands multi-tasking with endurance. Inspiring a class of riders will require you to teach, be social, think fast, push and still be responsive…all while cycling. If this sounds daunting, know that the Velocity team can help get you there. Still with us?

Indoor cycling checkbox. Come ride with us. Even if you have other indoor cycling experience, nothing beats riding in Velocity classes. Our method is unique. Ideally, you have at least 20 Velocity rides where you are focusing on both the rider and the instructor experience.

At this point, if you are feeling convinced that Velocity instructing is for you, the next step is to audition. If you audition well, we will invite you to our instructor academy.

Audition checkbox. The audition consists of you giving a “mini-class” of 3-5 songs to a small group. Start by putting a short playlist of songs together. Think about the sequence being a story on a bike. We want you to be yourself, including the choice of music with your style of coaching. It’s not about perfection, but about authenticity. If you’re not sure of your music choices, feel free to ask. The Velocity team is always available. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you. We recommend you practice your audition in the mirror. Next, go for it. Nail the audition.

If you are checking all of the boxes thus far, we will then invite you to a mandatory 3-week “Training Academy” where we’ll show you the Velocity way. We tentatively set the following dates for the Auditions & Academy:

  • Veloburn Auditions: Saturday 16. May
  • Veloburn Academy: late May / early June for 3-4 weeks

It may not sound like a “ride in the park” (pardon the pun!) to become a great indoor cycling instructor, but it’s worth the time and energy to spread your enthusiasm for fitness and help others achieve their goals.

Please email to get started. We’ll be psyched to hear from you!