Velocity’s LOCKDOWN Workout Playlist

by Leticia – Wednesday, 22. April 2020

Next up on the Spotify list line-up is Leticia’s LOCKDOWN playlist.

Do you ever think back to the first time you got on an Xformer or bike at Velocity? Most people feel a sense of pride when they reminisce about moments like these. That’s because you know you’ve made progress since that day. Whether you’ve moved up the leaderboard, are able to hold a pose longer or keep the fast beat – you’ve definitely grown stronger.

Since progress is gradual, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come. This week’s playlist is designed to help keep you motivated.

Together, let’s focus on#comingbackstronger. We’ll continue providing live workouts on Velocity’s Instagram live page. If you miss a session, you can also find recordings of most of our workouts uploaded later on our Vimeo or IGTV channels.

See you online!