3 Reasons Why Velocity Doesn’t Do Yearly Contracts

by Denise – Friday, 28. August 2020

Big gyms often attract new customers with discounts to their annual memberships – here are just a few reasons why Velocity deliberately chooses not to package our memberships this way.

1. Flexibility.

Yearly contracts are often highly inflexible. You are locked in for the entire year and it’s nearly impossible to get out – even if your life situation changes. For example, what if you move for work, move to a different neighborhood, travel for work, experience an injury, or just need to set other priorities for a couple of months? Often, getting out of the contract, even for good reasons, can be a huge pain. You’ll even have to give a three month notification by registered mail in most cases. At Velocity, you can buy workout credits one at a time or in bulk. No contract, no monthly fee and no locking you in.

We know that you appreciate having the flexibility to work out when it suits you, without paying for the time that you don’t use. With the credit system, you can simply buy as many as you need for the month, week, or even just that day. It’s all up to you.

2. Customer Needs First

Yearly contracts work in favor of the gym/company, not the customer. Locking you in for the full year provides the business with a steady stream of revenue whether or not you, the customer, actually show up for workouts.

At Velocity, we take on the risk and uncertainty of not having this secure revenue in order to serve you better. For one, this risk pushes us to provide excellent service during every single visit, not just during the trial classes. Every single workout has to be TOP of the game to keep you coming back again and again.

3. Accountability.

How many people pay for a yearly gym membership on January 1st and then never use it? Could your money be invested differently? We believe that the pay-per-workout model makes your money go further by focusing it on a higher value experience that in turn makes you to want to engage with your fitness versus feeling guilty about not going to the gym. Commit to an exceptional experience and accountability gets a lot easier.

You may ask, then why a 12-hour cancellation policy? Two reasons:  accountability to yourself and to the Velocity community. It keeps you from skipping out and not showing up at the last minute when temptation (and laziness) kicks in. We’ve all been there – fighting to peel ourselves off the couch and go to that “drop-in” class we promised ourselves we’d go to…but since no one is expecting us, and we didn’t pay for that workout in particular, the laziness usually wins over. And no one wants to deny another person an exceptional experience. A little push to make sure you’re in or you’re out gives others in the community a chance to join in on the fun.

And if there is really something unexpected and totally out of your control that comes up, reach out to your front desk managers. We can always find a middle ground.

We understand the challenges of today’s busy lifestyle. More than ever before, finding time for ourselves, for our training goals, for our balance and our well-being is essential. And we also understand the desire for exceptional quality, for money and time well invested, and for smart instructor-led group training. The generic gym concept is inefficient, incomplete, inflexible, and plain uninspiring. That is why we developed our super flexible payment method in a way that pushes us to earn your loyalty every day and, in every way possible, puts you first. 

What are you waiting for? Go book a workout!