Females Supporting Females

by Lena, Lisa, Betty, Erika & Mal – Thursday, 5. December 2019

Just yesterday I was walking through the streets in Zurich and a younger woman told me that she really liked how curly my hair was. Just a few minutes before that I thought that my hair looks too wild, but right after hearing this compliment from this female stranger, I felt better. I felt more confident and powerful. This shows me how important it is that we support each other instead of being mean or jealous towards other women. – Lena

Women empowering women is getting more and more important every day, it allows us to reach equal rights like an equal salary or the so-called glass ceiling. So when you try to support your local shops or buy brands that are eco-friendly, there is a reason behind why you want to support this certain brand. It is the same thing with supporting women and here are some things you can do to support your fellow power girls:

Purchasing from Female-led Companies

– Lola’s Daily Kitchen: Female founded speciality cake shop, delivering delicious vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar free desserts. Later this month in December, Alina Russ and her team will open their 1st Vegan Cake shop in Switzerland. They also offer fun and creative workshops for business or social. Stop by for a sweet and healthy treat. 

Read more here: https://lolaskitchen.ch/pages/about

– Sport.Les: Online shopping platform founded by one of our very own female Velocity members. Megan has bridged the gap of bringing brands from overseas right here to Switzerland and your closet 😉 You can find an eye catching rotation of designers in our studio locations, especially showcasing ethical or female run brands.

Read more here: https://www.sportles.com/pages/about-us  

– Ina Kess: Luxury sports lifestyle brand founded here in Zurich by two sisters, Katharina and Isabelle Staub. Reinventing the fusion of comfort, function, and elegance. Why can’t we have it all? Their gorgeous showroom is located near our Velocity Enge location at Brandschenkestrasse 96 8002 Zurich. 

Read more here: https://inakess.ch/pages/ina-kess-about-us

– Nadia Damaso: Swiss food blogger with best selling cookbook: Eat Better Not Less. She started posting pics on Instagram in her early 20’s and soon after shared creative colorful and healthy recipes inspired from around the world. Now you can even buy her own line of granolas and mueslis in most grocery shops. 

Read more here: https://www.nadiadamaso.com

Female-driven Podcasts to Inspire

– Soul Cycle / How I built this: Listen to this inspiring story of how Soul-Cycle female founders, Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler started the cult fitness studio that has inspired many more bespoke fitness studios around the globe.

Listen here: https://www.npr.org/2018/12/21/679320471/soulcycle-julie-rice-elizabeth-cutler?t=1575540927213

– Rowen Aida on SoulSeekers: Fierce female on a mission to motivate and inspire through high intensity workouts, gratitude, and connection. Rowen’s energy is contagious and we love having her as one of our guest ride instructors whenever she passes through Zurich. Her podcast series is available on her website with some great highlights on mindset and building healthy habits. 

Listen here: https://www.rowenaida.com/podcasts

– Away luggage/ How I built this: Learn how an embarrassing moment running through Zurich airport inspired this young female entrepreneur, Jen Rubio, to partner with a previous female work colleague, Steph Korey, and build a multimillion dollar travel brand. Goes to show, if you want something done, sometimes it’s best to do it yourself. 

Listen here: https://www.npr.org/2019/03/08/701651787/away-jen-rubio

Profiles of Female Velocity Customers

– Kirtanya: a frequent Power class enthusiast who owns multiple restaurants in Zurich. For a delicious meal, check out any of their locations across the city: The Bite, Yardbird, Brisket, and newly opened La Brea.

Professional Women’s Groups

PWN Zug & Zurich:  A wonderful female lead networking space to supporting gender balanced leadership. With over 300 members, the group offers networking events, mentoring programs, and up to date information on what is happening in the world of balanced leadership. The voluntary-based, diverse staff connects people both locally and globally to create an environment where members can learn and share their professional experience.

PWG of Zurich: PWG was founded in 1983 as the first professional network group for women in Zurich. Members can benefit from PWG Think Tanks, exclusive events, interactive workshops and business opportunities. The women of the group describe their experience as not only a professional opportunity but also a home away from home.

Charities supporting women

Terre des femmes is an organization that opposes human rights violations against women and girls. They advocate a self-determined life for all women and girls – regardless of their religious, political, ethnic or national affiliation or sexual orientation. In addition, Terre des femmes expresses itself from a feminist perspective on current voting issues or socio-political events. 

The organization also offers free counselling for women in different languages. The organization’s current topic dossiers provide an introduction to the complex subject areas, provide an overview of the situation in Switzerland and shed light on the respective causes, connections and backgrounds.

We hope we’ve inspired you to go out and support some kick-ass ladies out there. Because we all need support, and… what goes around come around 🙂