We Have One Life. Set Big Goals.

Guest Post by Travis – Sunday, 2. September 2018

I love signing up for multiple classes at Velocity. It gives me a commitment that helps me carve out time, that pushes me to improve from one class to the next. And I know that the instructors (and the other riders) will challenge me to suck out 100% from each of those 50 minutes. It’s a simple version of setting a goal.

I am a sloth without goals. I can find a thousand excuses during my work week why I should skip fitness, prioritize work, or give in to being tired. Weeks, even months can slip by. I know the benefits of a good daily workout, but I am especially talented at rationalizing why being lazy is totally justified. It’s true. Over the years, I’ve learned to accept this truth about myself.

If this sounds familiar, we could commiserate together. How comfortable is a liquid evening of grumbling about the lack of progress toward dreams, even daily wants. I should have done (fill in the blank). I would have done (fill in the blank) if I had had more time, if I hadn’t felt so tired. I swear, I’m going to do better tomorrow. Well, actually, I’ll have another glass of the brown stuff. [sigh]

Ok. That may sound somewhat dramatized but it’s not far off. And since you’re still reading, some of the above is resonating with you. Without pretending to know everyone’s needs, I would like to venture a bet that EACH of us could benefit from better goal setting, setting them higher, adhering more to the plans we make, pushing through the shitty days and the pain, eliminating the uncontrollables and the excuses; and when the sun pops, accelerate with the tailwinds and maximize the good days.

Let’s not overcomplicate it. Nike has kept it simple for decades. Three words. Of course, being simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. But, there are some useful approaches to make “just doing it” more doable. Here’s a short list:

1. Go big.  Don’t settle with a less than exciting goal. It needs to tap deep into your motivation.
2. Commit. Write it down. Sign up. Tell a friend. Visualize for yourself.
3. Make a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. A lack of plan allows excuses to creep in.
4. Set Milestones. The bigger the goal, the better to break it apart into segments.
5. Be stubborn. Fight through the bad days, raise the bar on the good days.
6. Listen. Recognize when you’re at your limit (but don’t be soft) and adjust.
7. Schedule it. Put it in the calendar. Carve out the time.
8. Celebrate. Reward yourself along the way. Every milestone, including the finish line.
9. Have a List. Write down all of your goals and prioritize them.
10. Don’t waitWhen you’ve checked a goal off the list, step up to the next one right away.

It doesn’t matter how big, small, silly or practical the goal. If we give the goal setting some thought and a little structure, we will squeeze 60 seconds out of every minute. And we’ll make the desired progress toward the best version of ourselves.

Ps. A shout out to all of you Velocity Riders inspiring the rest of us:

  • Raul and Barbara lost a combined 50 kilos (Blog Post to come!)
  • Michelle recovered from ending a 10+ year relationship (tears in class turned into smiles of joy)
  • Kirtanya trained for her first ever triathlon, Ironman Georgia 70.3
  • Laura and Magda cycled until their final days of pregnancy, and returned just weeks later
  • Jen trained for a 500k race to raise money for Multiple Myeloma research
  • Tim and Irene lost a combined 30 kilos before their wedding
  • Fabio and Vanessa trained for their first ever triathlons
  • Countless friendships made and a community built