Hair Care @ Velocity Enge

by Erika – Friday, 27. September 2019

We know dealing with your post gym hair can feel like a task when rushing back to work or one of many daily activities, so we wanted to share some helpful tips for keeping your hair healthy while hitting the gym:

1.Don’t wash your hair everyday!

  • Excessive washing can strip the natural oils your hair produces to condition and moisturise itself. This makes your strands more prone to dryness, so best to space out your washes through the week. Also, when you do wash, only shampoo from your roots to the mid length of your hair and try to avoid brushing wet hair. Hair is much more fragile when soaking wet so it can easily break if brushed right after washing. It’s also important to let your hair build back up its bonds, so best to let it dry a bit before brushing it through.

2. What’s in your products?

  • Try avoiding shampoos or conditioners that contain sulphates because they can strip your hair of its natural oils, totally drying it out and making it susceptible to breakage. At our Velocity Enge location, we’ve partnered with well respected Swiss shop brand, Osswald, who supplies us with London Labs moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. We love they that they use top quality natural ingredients such as prickly pear seed oil, rich in fatty acids and multiple vitamins to keep your hair strong, shiny, and moisturized.

3. Dry shampoo is your friend 

  • Dry shampoo helps absorb sweat and oil to keep your hair looking fresh and clean (even when it’s not). It’s the perfect product to carry around in your bag whenever you need to freshen up. You can even apply before class to soak up the moisture once you start to sweat. London Labs also carries dry shampoo which can purchased at the Osswald boutique on Bahnhofstrasse 17.
4. Limit use of Heating Tools
  • Heating breaks down your hair’s hydrogen bonds resulting in damage and issues like excessive hair shedding, spilt ends, dull and dry hair and lots of tangles. Luckily, all our Velocity studio locations carry Dyson dryers which have heat control technology to prevent damage and preserve your hairs natural shine.

5. Eat a Balanced Diet 

  1. Did you know 90% of your hair is made from proteins? That’s why it’s so important to eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of proteins and nutrients. Some great options include spinach, fatty fish, eggs, berries, avocados, nuts/seeds, and sweet potatoes. Not only will these keep your hair strong and healthy but let it shine. Take for example the Protein Bowl by  Roots&Friends which contains Tofu, Sweet Potato, Avocado, Seed, Spinach and more… perfect for your hair, nails, skin and of course, your muscles.

Other tips to consider: 

  • Try protective hairstyles when working out (avoid tight pony tales or leaving hair fully down)
  • Rinse hair with cold water (also helps with body circulation)
  • Loosely braid hair before sleeping (promotes growth and
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase (avoids breakage and init bed head)
  • Treat yourself to a weekly hair mask (moisturising and protein rich for ultimate health)