Working Out From Home: What You Need

by Cam – 20. November 2020

Between the country-wide lockdown and COVID-19 restrictions this year, we’ve spent a lot of time at home. It can be a challenge for anyone, but to stay healthy and continue to meet your goals it might be helpful to supplement your work from home with workouts from home. The good news is with technology and a vast library of online resources it’s easier than ever!

Limited Equipment? No Problem!

You don’t need all that much to get your sweat on at home. Gravity is your ally (though you might think of it as an enemy) when it comes to effective body weight exercises. Slow controlled movements can help you build strength and muscular definition, while quick bursts of cardio exercises like burpees or mountain climbers help you burn calories and lose fat. Here are some things that can help you make the best of your time without needing to leave your living room:

Fitness Wear

Ride It Like You Stole It Tank

It seems straightforward but it’s quite important! Lightweight, breathable fabrics like nylon and spandex give you flexibility and help absorb excess moisture. Grip socks can provide extra traction on smooth surfaces so that you can avoid injuries and slips. You want clothing that increases your range of motion, but is breathable and comfortable at the same time.

Charcoal Grey Open Toe Grip Socks 

Black Full Toe Grip Socks 

Velocity Ride It Like You Stole It Tank 

Exercise Mats

These provide a non slip surface with added cushioning. They prevent you from taking a nasty fall on smooth surfaces, protect your floors from damage, and are easy to clean. The added cushion helps protect your joints and spine, giving you extra support during your exercises.

Weights and Resistance Bands

While not necessary, you can maximize your strength workouts by adding some light weights and resistance bands.  Studies show that high repetitions with lighter weights and bands can still increase your muscular definition almost equal to that of low repetition heavy weight exercises. Another advantage is that as you progress and grow stronger you can use weights and resistance bands to continue challenging yourself.

Water Bottles

White Water Bottle

Hydration is key before, during, and after workouts. Water helps transport nutrients you need to stay energetic, prevents you from cramping, and helps you regulate body temperature. Having a good water bottle that you can reuse and store enough to sustain you through a workout is key to making the best of your potential.

White Water Bottle 

Black Water Bottle 


Your workout space probably has much less air circulation than a typical fitness studio or gym. Your likely to sweat much more and a towel is a good item to have. Being able to remove sweat will keep your body from overheating and also prevent you from slipping during your exercises.

Reuseable Laundry Bag 

Invest In Your Fitness Goals with Velocity Bikes & Spinning Shoes

Velocity At-Home Bike

If your looking to go further with your goals and invest in long-term equipment we have some new options for you! We now offer the Velocity At-Home Bike which comes with a Power meter and self-generating EcoSCRN display updated for 2020. You’ll be able to stream Velocity classes right at home from your tablet or computer using We also offer stylish and lightweight spinning shoes to ride with precision and comfort. If you’d like to take a test run on the new At-Home model you can visit our Enge Studio and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Velocity At-Home Bike

Tiem Black Spinning Shoes

Velocity Bike Tablet Holder

Shimano SPD Cleats

Find All The Gear You Need at Velocity’s New Online Shop

For all your fitness needs, check out the new online store at We’re constantly adding new fitness wear and gear to help you make the best of your workouts here at the studio and at home. Feel free to contact us for any questions!

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