Improving Your Sports Performance with Velocity Workouts

by Cam – June 11 2021

After the long cold months of winter and the relentless rains of spring, summer has finally arrived! The long thaw is behind us and the leaves are now in full bloom, and it’s a welcome sight for sports lovers across Switzerland. Whether you’re changing your bike tires for a long cycle, organizing the ropes for your favorite climbing route, or figuring out how to fit everything in your hiking bag, there’s a lot to prepare and be excited about this summer season.

Velocity’s Indoor Cycling and Power workouts can help you get ready for all the things you love to do. The studio is a perfect place to strengthen your body and help you prevent injuries that keep you on the doctor’s table rather than the mountainside.

Here are some ways that Velocity workouts can prepare you for your favorite sports.

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Adding flexibility

Muscles like your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves are highly susceptible to injury. This is because all of these cross two joints and carry a lot of the weight load. Athletes often find the high stress on the legs tends to shorten the muscle fibers, thus making them more at risk of injury. Without proper stretching and lengthening of these muscles, you might find yourself on the sidelines during the summer months.  To prepare for football with friends this summer or even the next ski season, Velocity Power workouts are there to help with mobility.

Power workouts emphasize the lengthening and flexibility of your muscles as you work through exercises. It helps build your muscle tolerance and gives you extra movement. You’ll find the exercises in these classes also give you upper body flexibility as well. These are essential for sports like golf, climbing, and rowing which put a lot of pressure on the spine and mid-back region.

Bring on the Power

Both Power and Indoor Cycling prioritize stabilization and strengthening of your ligaments and muscles. Sports like tennis, golf, and football require strong and quick rotational speeds to help you power through your movements. Improving your core musculature will also help you when going from indoor cycling to the road or mountain bike. Velocity workouts help with strength building, so you can generate power from your core and legs even when your balance is not centered. Abdominals, hips, and legs are all essential muscle groups you can be sure you’ll utilize in any sport of your choice. Each workout is tailored to address these concerns.

Training your mind-body connection

Have you ever stepped away from a sport for a while and felt like it takes a while to get used to the movements again? It’s really common for any athlete! This why even professionals need practices and simulated games to get back into top form after a long offseason. Our brain remembers what to do from the neural pathways we’ve created but sometimes it takes a bit to get the body to catch up.

Participating in other sports or fitness during the off-season can help keep this connection strong even when you aren’t doing your normal training. Velocity workouts with Power and Indoor Cycling can keep your biomechanics strong by optimizing your movements and building your efficiency and control.

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Prevent and protect yourself from injuries

While sometimes injuries are inevitable and impossible to avoid in challenging situations, you can do your best to prevent losing your summer months by training your body right. Flexibility, balance, and strength are all essential skills to keep you away from the doctor’s office. Velocity’s Power classes will help you strengthen your core, lengthen your muscles, and gives you a better center of gravity. Even if you find your body in awkward positions, you can withstand overstraining. Indoor cycling is perfect for low-impact strength training to build your legs and keep your body fit even under stress.

All workout concepts also serve as great recovery options if you have already been injured. The low-impact workouts can help you improve your stamina and strength. They also help you avoid putting too much strain on your body as you prepare for summer sports.

Bringing it all together

Both those who enjoy intense and recreational sports can benefit from Velocity’s Power and Indoor Cycling workouts because they improve flexibility, reinforce strength, train neural connections, and protect against injuries. Our knowledgeable staff will help you get the best training for whatever your interests are. As the sun intensifies, and the last of the ice and snow clears, we’ll make sure you are ready for whatever your favorite sport is.

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