Cycling Will Increase Your Height! (And Other Popular Internet Myths)

by Cam – June 30 2021

Have you ever heard that your hair grows back thicker if you shave? How about that most diamonds are made from highly compressed coal?

Well all of these are myths that have spread around for years. It’s not too uncommon for even the most educated people to have heard this at one point and assumed they were facts. One of our new favorite myths here at Velocity is that cycling makes you taller! Before you laugh, know that 22 million have searched for this exact phrase on Google. I have to say, I would be a lot better at basketball if this was the case.

Unfortunately for all of you looking forward to reaching the top shelf, this is an example of how misinformation can spread like wildfire. It is a perfect moment however to address some of the more common misconceptions when it comes to cycling. To expel your concerns, here is a list of 4 other myths that often come up about Indoor Cycling:

Myth #1: Cycling Will Make My Thighs Big

No you won’t be wobbling around looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggar in his prime. Cycling certainly improves your leg muscles just like any exercise that utilizes your lower half, but aerobic exercise does more work to your endurance muscle fibers. So while you will have more resistance to fatigue, your upper legs wont look like a couple of extra thick sweet potatoes.

Myth #2: Indoor Cycling Is Bad For My Knees

This is a myth that could also be a fact. Cycling is bad for your knees… if you use the wrong technique. Technique is incredibly important no matter what form of exercise you engage in. It helps you prevent injury and get the most energy out of your workout. To protect your knees, position your seat so that are just slightly bent during your pedal stroke. If your seat is too low you’ll being putting much more strain on the joint and not the muscles. Adjust your seat as well so your knee is vertically above the front pedal.

During your ride, make sure you aren’t just pushing down on the pedals, but pulling up as well. This way all your leg muscles are engaged. When you add resistance, make sure it’s an effective number for you, as adding too much may put at further risk of injury.

Myth #3 You Can’t Ride While Pregnant

As with any physical activity when pregnant, always consult your OB-GYN! However indoor cycling is perfectly safe during any trimester of your pregnancy. You’ll likely need to raise the handlebars during the third trimester. This helps reduce spinal flexion and take weight off of your lower back. Some other things to keep in mind is to stay hydrated, avoid overexertion, and avoid getting too hot.

Myth #4 You Need Cycling Experience

You could talk to a lot of instructors at Velocity and other studios who don’t even own a bike they could use outdoors. The truth is riding a bike with training wheels might be more difficult than cycling indoors. We’re always here to help you get set up and will guide you through every step of the ride. Whether your in the best shape of your life or just getting started, once the lights go off it’s just you and the energy you put into it.

For more interesting misconceptions check out Wikipedia’sย extensive list. If you ever have any questions or concerns about anything else when it comes to cycling at Velocity, feel free to give us a call or email, or come to the studio and we will be happy to answer!


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