All you need to know about indoor cycling: Veloburn Edition

By Anna – 14 July 2022

Whether you’re starting your indoor cycling journey or you’ve been with Velocity for years – this post outlines everything you need to know about Veloburn.

In case you are new here, Velocity offers 2 indoor cycling concepts: Veloburn and Velobeat. The focus in Velobeat is a full-body workout. It’s all about the beat, a high energy workout, killer playlists and positive vibes. But today we dive deep into Veloburn.

In a Veloburn workout, the emphasis is on HIIT (high intensity interval training), performance, and statistics. With high-intensity interval training at the optimal work to rest ratio, Veloburn guarantees to have your heart racing and sweat pouring. The optional Veloboard is available in this session; so you can challenge yourself to rise to the top.

Below you will find all of the frequently asked questions about our indoor cycling Veloburn workouts. Take a look and you’re guaranteed to learn something new.


Whatever the reason not to be up there that day, or even ever, we get it. You will still receive your performance statistics in your profile.

You can change if you want to be displayed as well as your name on the board any time. Plus if you have a friend booked using one of your credits, we can assign the spot to your friend’s profile so they also get their stats.

indoor cycling profile update velocity


If you see blue next to a rider’s name, their gender is assigned to male, and if you see yellow, it’s female.


It’s crucial to update your profile information and specify your gender & weight. If you leave your gender blank, the system automatically assigns “female”, and if you haven’t entered your weight it will take an average based on the selected gender, which is 60kg for women and 70kg for men.

Why is it important?
Your statistics will be a lot more accurate if the system has all the data to calculate it properly. Take the time to fill it out, or simply ask the front desk to fill it out for you.


When accessing your profile, you will see a performance tab. All of your Veloburn workouts are gathered there and you can check your progress and performance overtime.

indoor cycling performance stats velocity


So you noticed that the numbers on the computer console on your bike are different from those you received after your workout? This happens because many riders turn on their bikes a few minutes before the coach actually starts the workout. This is where your profile data also comes into play. The leaderboard (=the stats you receive via email) takes into consideration your weight and gender, while the bike computer console doesn’t.


The system offers a variety of different modes and you will notice the coach displaying different ones throughout the workout.

Rider Mode
Rider mode shows name, RPM, and energy (calories burnt) with no ranking.

Power Mode
Power Mode is a ranking of the rider’s energy used (calories burnt) during the workout.

Speed Mode
The speed mode is a ranking of the riders’ traveled distance during the workout.

Team Mode
The workout can be divided into teams: think odds vs evens, women vs men, etc. Even if there is an uneven number of people on each team, the system takes an average into account, so you can compete fairly. This mode is perfect for those private workouts, as we can custom set the split and even the names of the teams.

Interval mode
If you experience a coach using the interval mode during a workout, the stats of the leaderboard will go down to 0 for every rider. This is often used for interval climbs, or sprints, so you can really focus on pushing as hard as you can for this time period. But don’t worry, the stats continue to accumulate in the background and add to your total performance. Once the interval mode is closed by the coach, the display will show the accumulated results, including the interval numbers.

Now that you’re a proper Veloburn and indoor cycling pro, it’s time to book your next ride. Pick from regular workouts or our Heavy Climb Intervals theme challenge.

PS. Veloburn is your thing? If you’re looking for your next big challenge, apply to our Veloburn Audition and become the next coach. Send an email to with your application and join us on the 30th of July for the audition.

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