Instructor Spotlight: Leticia

by Mal – Friday, 2. March 2018

  1. What brought you to Switzerland?

I came here for love of man and chocolate. I met my (now) husband while traveling through South America. It was always a dream of mine to live in Europe at some point in my life, I just didn’t expect it to be here and forever!!! My husband is Swiss and we are here to stay.

  1. What’s your background in fitness? What else are you passionate about?

I grew up very active in sports and ran competitively through high school and in college. After graduation I completed 3 marathons, including having qualified for and then finished the Boston Marathon-a major accomplishment for my running career. While living in Boston in 2011, I began personal training and instructing indoor cycling. Books, adrenaline, and popcorn are my true passions.

  1. How did you decide to become a Velocity Instructor? Had you heard of Velocity before?

Becoming a Velocity instructor has been on my radar since its opening, although at the time, I was pregnant. When I read Velocity was searching for new instructors I jumped at the chance! I even brought my daughter to my first “audition”!

  1. What was the toughest part about your Velocity training?

I think the question should be “What wasn’t tough about the training?” I thought I had been through the ringer with past running training, however, this was a different level. Not only was it a daily physical challenge, but I had to incorporate music knowledge (which I did not have) with body coordination (which I absolutely do not possess). And going through this training as a mom of a young child with a husband that just happened to be out of town during this time, well, it was an, um, challenge.

  1. What about the best part?

The end. Oh, and losing the last bit of my pregnancy weight. Finally. That was great.

  1. What do you think riders can experience in your class?

A high intensity ride with some rockin fun! If I can get at least one rider to Whoop or snicker at a bad joke, that’s golden. I also mix up my music, and I love a bit of rock to shake shit up.

  1. What do you get out of each ride that you teach?

Definitely a high and a sense of accomplishment. I always feel a bit wild eyed at the end of class cause my adrenaline is still spiked from all that activity up there on stage!

  1. Are you looking forward to what’s next?

Yup. Wait, what’s next?