Instructor Spotlight: Thea

by Sabine – Thursday, 28. February 2019

1.Hi Thea, and welcome to the Veloburn Team! First the usual question about how come you are here ? What brought you to Zurich and what is your experience so far with the Swiss people here?

I moved to Switzerland February 2018. I was looking to advance my career and planning to do a masters degree in finance when my boyfriend got a job offer in Zürich. I therefore decided to go with him to Switzerland and I am now studying business and economics at UZH. I am Norwegian and feel that theNorwegian and Swiss cultures are quite similar. We like our own personal space and are a bit difficult to get to know, but once you really know someone, you’re friends for life. While the Swiss may be a little more reserved that Norwegians, I still always feel welcome and have made a lot of new Swiss friends since I came to the country.

2.What is your personal fitness background – besides spinning ?

I have done a great variety of sports. My main sports are downhill skiing, golf and any water sport such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and waterskiing! Additionally I did 8 years of football, but quit to focus on my skiing career at the age of 15. I still do all these sports as hobbies and love to be outdoors.

3.How did you first find Velocity?

I found Velocity through my boyfriend who met the founder, Mal, last summer through a common friend.

4.What made you want to become an instructor?

I love a challenge and while I have a lot of instructor experience (I have been a golf and skiing instructor for 5 years next to studying)  , teaching indoor cycling and power was new and exiting to me! In burn I get to push others to become better while I get a great workout myself. In power I am able to connect with each client on a more personal level, and this coaching is more similar to the kind of teaching I have done before.

5.Is there something you have learned about yourself in the process of becoming an instructor?

I have learned to be more motivating and I am still working on this. Additionally, I have learned that becoming an instructor is harder and requires more work than I expected and I now have great respect for other instructors who coach and teach me because I know the big effort that lies behind the session.

6.What do you want your riders to experience in your class?

I want them to have fun, be able to push themselves to new limits, improve and enjoy good music.

7.Your passions, besides spinning, tell us a little bit about them !

My greatest passion is skiing! I simply love skiing and there is nothing that makes me more happy than fresh powder and amazing mountains!