Power Like a Pro

by Erika – Thursday, 30. January 2020

I know how intimidating it can feel when you walk into a new studio workout for the first time and see a machine you’ve never seen before.  The first thoughts that ran through my mind when I saw an X-Former machine was, “what is this torture contraption?” Also, stepping up off the ground and sliding out into a plank for the first time, definitely gave me a moment of pause.

Yet, with the professional explanation and guidance from a great instructor, I soon grew to love this amazing dynamic workout.

So, whether you’re new or a veteran to Power, I wanted to share some awesome tips and info for you to feel your best and get the most out of class, quickly learning to Power like a pro 😉

The X-Former Machine:

The machine is elevated horizontal to the floor, cushioned for support, with 2 adjustable handlebars at each end. There are 3 main sections: front platform, middle shuttle, and back platform. Each section also has its own straps or bungee. The front and back platforms are stationary while the middle shuttle moves lateral front to back using resistance springs.

Under the front platform are removable springs for varied resistance, depending on color or how many are attached. Although it may seem like having less springs attached would be “easier” at lighter resistance, sometimes it actually requires more core work to keep the shuttle stable, making the exercise even more challenging with your own body weight.

Key Tips:

Move slow:

This is not a high intensity cardio class. Movements are much slower than you think so follow along to your instructors’ pace as they count out. Think “1-out-for-2-out-for-3-out-for – 4 -“ & then back. Yup…that slow 😉

Remember to breathe:

It’s easy to forget to breathe when your muscles are shaking to fatigue and you’re trying to keep a slower pace than your body may want, but focusing on your breathe will actually help you maintain that pace, not to mention keep oxygen flowing through your body.

Keep movements small:

Since Power targets all muscles, including the small ones, keep movements smaller than you may think. With a smaller range of motion, you are able to target those deep and small muscles groups even more without any breaks. When extending too far, you can actually lose tension in the movement, essentially giving your body a break and pressing reset in the middle of an exercise.

Be mindful of your form:

  • Keep you core and targeted muscle groups engaged during movements
  • Tuck in your belly while hinging lower hips forward.
  • Keep shoulders relaxed (not up towards your ears)
  • Chest open and spine straight (no hunching over)
  • Think long and lean lines

Listen for instruction:

You should never have to guess how much resistance or where your positioning should be on the machine. Listen to cues from your instructor who will give you exact foot or hand positioning, count, and posture reminders. If you’re having doubts, look to your instructor for reassurance or a nearby classmate who know what they are doing.

Wear Grip Socks:

This is not only hygienic, but also for your safety. The gripping on the bottom of your socks keeps you from an unintentional spill, especially if you start sweating.

If you notice your hands are slipping, consider getting a pair of gloves as well.

This may sound like a lot, but at the end of the day, trust your body and instructor for guidance. Move with intention each long second and push through, even when you feel you can’t. Remember, it’s hard for a reason and when you wake up the next day with sore muscles you didn’t know existed, you’ll know it’s working! Lastly, like anything you want to see results in, consistency is key. We can’t wait to welcome you and watch you grow into a seasoned Power pro 🙂