Progressing Your Workout

by Erika  – Thursday, 12.  March 2020

Today we want to chat about an important topic, how to make progress with your workouts! Whether you’re a dedicated fitness junkie or first timer, it’s pretty safe to say that anyone creating time to exercise regularly is aiming to progress. So, in order to get the most out of each dedicated session, we wanted to share a few key areas of focus to help:

  1. Get the PUSH you need:

Results are created outside your comfort zone which is why it’s so important to push past what your mind perceives as a limit. It can be difficult to do on your own, which is where boutique fitness studios, such as Velocity, are able to step in and ensure you get that necessary push, encouragement and instruction needed to take your workouts to the next level. A great instructor’s energy and support will push you to hold a Power pose for those extra 5 seconds you didn’t think you could. They will encourage you to climb a little harder or sprint a bit faster while on the bike, maximizing each second of every class. Those extra moments are where you physically, and mentally, transform. That exhilarating feeling of pride at the end of class, knowing you accomplished something challenging and uncomfortable is also an added plus.

  1. Commit to structured workouts:

How many people have you seen in a gym who really look like they know what they’re doing? Maybe a handful? Having a purposeful structured routine, guided by an experienced professional helps you safely and strategically target specific muscle groups, building wanted muscle and burning unwanted fat. Our instructors prepare for each class with intention, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than walking through the door. With a structured routine, our instructors maximize the limited time, helping you seamlessly flow through movements to target muscle groups, allowing you to walk out feeling better and stronger than when you arrived. It’s incredible what you can accomplish in a 45-50 minute group class compared to 2hrs alone in the gym wandering from station to station, fidgeting with music selection, or even waiting for a machine to open up.

  1. Embrace the mental component:

There are so many positive mental components offered through group workout classes as well. It’s not just about pushing your physical limits, but embracing the mental clarity and encouragement offered by your coaches. For many, it can be challenging to leave behind everyday stresses or piling work responsibilities. Velocity instructors are there to help you transition the moment you walk through the door. Whether on the X-former machine or bike, our members can completely disconnect from their day, no longer having to make any big decisions, but enjoy getting lost in the music, trusting their instructor is going to push them to the max. The added words of encouragement and inspirational quotes also help beyond the studio rooms as we face challenges in the outside world (especially right now).

  1. Track your progress:

While we like to think the best measure of progress is how you feel, many individuals also want to have numbers to visibly track their progress. Luckily, we offer the ability to track individual stats in our Velobeat and Veloburn classes. Using the power meters, attached to each individual bike, our riders can track distance, calories burned, and power output (watts) each class and reference those numbers via their private online Velocity profile for Veloburn classes. Also, for those wanting a little competition in Veloburn, they can elect to join our Veloboard, which projects the class stats on our Leaderboard by name to see who can lead and hold the top spots based on power output and speed. Even in Power, you can track your progress by how well you hold the pace of those slow count movements, how you start to know moves by name without having to look at the instructor for direction, whether you minimize the need to take breaks or just feel stronger and more well balanced overall.

Classes are always meant to be challenging, and as we progress, we grow to feel both stronger physically and mentally. The encouragement, energy and inspiration our instructors give during each session, feeds into our own will, determination, and self-confidence to keep pushing ourselves both in and outside the studio. For me personally, as one of the front desk managers, there is nothing better than seeing a happy client leave transformed from the inside out with energy and focus to take on the day and encourage those around them. To me, that is progress 🙂