Rider Do’s & Dont’s

by the Velocity Instructors – Sunday, 30. September 2018

We genuinely appreciate every rider that walks into our classes, as without you it would just be an empty room and an instructor with way too much energy for just him/herself. All our riders are different and have different strengths and weaknesses. But what’s for sure, is that you all value a welcoming community, classes that deliver results and a rockin’ good time. As instructors, we love that! But there are a few things we want you all to do together, and some things that, well, we’d rather not have happen! 🙂

Give it Your All.

Make the most of every precious minute. You and your body deserve it. And to make your instructor fall head over heels for you, show you are giving 100%. We don’t care about those involuntary grunts, or faces of pain. To us, that’s a beautiful thing, and those noises are sweet music to our ears. We love a good whistle or cheer, or grunt or moan, to let us know we are doing our job right.

Be on Time.

This not only shows respect for the instructor but also for your fellow riders. Sure, it’s better if someone shows up 2 minutes before class than not at all, but out of courtesy don’t make it a habit. This Winter we’ll become more picky on no one entering a class more than 5 minutes after it starts, and even then, we’ll remind you to be on time, next time. No shows… please don’t stand us up, just a simple email to let us know you’re not coming means we get to let someone else take your bike.


Put that phone to good use… use it before and after class! That means selfies or even better, group sweat pictures letting us know how hard you worked make us swell with pride – but keep it to after class. Phones during class are an unnecessary distraction to other riders. It’s just 50 minutes, guys!

Front Row Riders.

All our riders rock. But you front row riders have the special responsibility for leading the rows behind. But do be conscious of your energy level if you’re going to book the front row. We know sometimes you just don’t have the energy to go 100% and it’s exactly when you’re tired that pushing yourself in a Velocity class helps you to change gears and deliver results.

Towels are for Sweat.

Ok, we are going to get funky and sweaty together but we do have different tools for different needs. Towels are for sweat, and not your nose. We do provide tissues, so if you know you’re a leaker, grab a few before class. Plus, the Front Desk staff doesn’t want your germs, especially this Winter.

Be Nice to the Bikes.

We know the bikes can sometimes be a little temperamental but if one of the knobs is too tight to turn, ask an instructor or a front desk member to help you out. The bikes don’t respond well to being bashed. Be gentle and try not to kick yourself into the pedals 🙂

Help a First Timer Out.

Usually we at Velocity are pretty good about setting up first-timers. But sometime there can be busy classes with 7 or more first-time riders, which can make it tough for us to do our rounds in 10 minutes. So if you have a chance, we’d highly appreciate if you experienced riders could help out! Remember your first time, remember the feeling of not knowing what to do or what to expect? We don’t mean you should correct their form, but if someone looks lost or doesn’t know where the weights are, point them in the right direction. Helping a first timer sets a great tone of camaraderie for the class and it makes our heart swell to see you embrace a new rider into the Velocity community. We all had our first time once!