3 ways to show yourself some love

by Liza-  Monday, 04. February 2019

With Valentines day coming up, you might be busy thinking of ways to show your significant other some love. In the meantime, have you thought about showing yourself some extra love this year? Here are 3 ways to give yourself some TLC next week.

  1. Take yourself out

Is there a new restaurant in town you have been dying to try? Or a new movie out that you have been wanting to see? Have you heard of a new facial or massage that’s being offered at your local spa? Go try it! Some extra me-time can do wonders for your wellbeing.

  1. Buy yourself flowers

There’s no reason to wait for somebody to bring you flowers and chocolates on Valentines Day. Seeing a fresh bouquet of flowers every morning will instantly lift your mood and nobody knows better what kind of flowers you want than yourself! Not a fan of fresh cut flowers? Get yourself a new potted plant. They’ll last even longer than a bouquet. While you’re at it, buy some fancy chocolates for yourself as well. Chocolate has been proven to elevate your mood and to have antidepressant effects.

  1. Try a new workout

Instead of going for your ride or die workout, opt for something you have never tried before. Even a change as little as going to Veloburn instead of Velobeat (or vice versa) or trying something completely new. In the best case you will enjoy it and in the worst case you will have a story to tell at your next dinner with friends. Extra points for treating yourself to a new workout outfit beforehand to make yourself feel good.

We’re constantly so busy pleasing others that we tend to forget about ourselves more often than we’d like to admit. This year, try dedicating your V-Day to some extra me-time!