Standing vs. Seated

by Mal – Sunday, 24. June 2018

At Velocity we incorporate both standing and seated positions on the bike when we climb and when we sprint. But did you ever wonder why you may preform better seated while others perform better out of the saddle? Well here’s a little information that may help you understand.

You develop more power while standing, as you are taking advantage of all of your upper body weight which is pushing down on the pedals. In addition you use your core and back muscles more when standing as you pull up on the unweighted pedal. However if you don’t have a strong core your technique may be compromised when standing, especially during standing sprints which are very challenging for the core.

Another big difference between standing versus seated is your energy expenditure. You may get a bigger BURN score during a standing climb but you will also expend 10-12% more energy as your weight isn’t in contact with the saddle. Seated climbs also help the taller/heavier/more muscly riders by allowing the seat to take the extra body weight.

At Velocity we purposely get standing in early (after you are properly warm) so riders have enough energy to see what they are capable of. However if you are a beginner, struggling for energy one day or have a weak core, then a lot of standing may fatigue you too quickly on. Our advice is here is not reserve your energy too much and take those rests in between intervals.  Half way through the class if you need to ease off on the resistance or sit down more due to fatigue then do so. But don’t give up, as you will  never know what you can do until you try!