Why Summer Workouts Indoors Make Sense

by Melanie – Thursday, 25. June 2020

Summer has finally started and we are loving the weather – but when it comes to working out, there are many reasons why staying indoors still makes the most sense.

  • Keeping it Cool

    Working out in the outdoor heat can be very stressful for the body. Especially during lunchtime, the heat can be a real shock to the system.

    Although there are benefits associated with working out in heated environments, such as for example, with Bikram yoga – it is important that the environment is controlled and that the exercise is properly tailored to those conditions. Doing regular high-intensity workouts in the heat is not only less efficient, but it can even be dangerous.  Overexerting yourself in the sun can result in dehydration and/or heat stroke, plus you can’t possibly give 100% when you are feeling so uncomfortable!

    In our air-conditioned studios, we make sure your body is working in all of the right ways and with the same efficiency all year round. 

  • Protection from the Sun

    Many people love working out during lunchtime. It’s great to get a break and free up your evenings for Aperos at the lake with friends. The problem is that the sun is at its peak at lunchtime. & especially if you’re going to sweat a lot, it is not easy to make sure your skin is protected from the sun.

    In our darkroom, the sun is obviously not a problem 😉

  • Avoiding Dehydration

    Higher temperatures make us sweat much more. It is almost impossible to carry around the large amount of water needed during a workout. Staying indoors isn’t only much more comfortable, but it is also easier to stay hydrated.

    In order to help you stay hydrated, we will be giving away free bottles of Aquarius vitamin water after each class for the whole week!

  • Keeping Up the Intensity

    Don’t sacrifice the intensity of your workouts this summer. Coming into the studios year-round will help you stick to your workout schedule. Our classes ensure that you are pushing yourself a little more in every class.

  • Access to Equipment & Amenities

    Our studios are fully equipped with everything you need before, during, and after your workout – from the equipment in our darkroom to our showers. Why carry everything around if you can just have it all at the studio? Let us do the work for you 😉

  • Power of the Community

    It’s easier to really push yourself to your limit when you’re surrounded by a strong community. We guarantee that the energy around you during our classes will push you to the next level! Let’s feel the burn together.

  • Badass Coaches

    Our coaches can only kick your ass at the Velocity studio 😉 We will make sure you get most out of every class, push you to your limits and keep you motivated the whole summer!

Treat yourself to a nice dip in the lake after class – but don’t sacrifice the intensity and effectiveness of your workout by skipping the studio all together this summer. Our air condition is on and we are ready for you!