Introducing Velocity Live: On-demand workouts from the studio to your home

by Betty – 7. December 2020

We’re proud to announce the Velocity Live Launch this week, a series of over 75 on-demand workouts streamed directly to your front room via mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Our focus is on you, the customer, so we provide you with maximum flexibility.

You can filter the workouts for your equipment, you choose your streaming device, and you choose your location. On our end, our team of coaches will inspire you to grow stronger physically and mentally and have fun during the process!

What is Velocity Live?

Velocity Live is a personalizable home-workout program available via

Workouts can be streamed on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, Macs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player. For a monthly subscription of CHF 59, you can get access to the current 80+ workouts available and addition of at least 20 new workouts per month. Starting in January, you can also follow workout sessions live.

You can start your free trial for the first 10 days to allow you to fully experience Velocity Live before you commit. And of course, you can cancel any time for any reason.

What are the workouts types?

The workouts you know and love from Velocity: Velobeat, Veloburn & Power at home. In addition, Strength, HIIT, Yoga, and Stretch & Flexibility exercises are also included to bring you a total of 7 types of exercises. The types include the equipment needed, the duration, and the intensity level, which you can filter directly on our site, as well as the coach name.


This workout is on a bike, which you can buy directly from the Velocity Live website or use one you already own or have at a gym. Velobeat is all about connecting to the music while burning calories and sculpting muscle. There are workouts ranging from 20 to 60 minutes and intensity levels from 3 to 5.


Also on a bike, Veloburn is a low impact, high-intensity interval training that focuses on building endurance, burning fat and improving performance. You can once again choose workouts that last from 20 to 60 minutes and intensity levels of 3 to 5.


This is a high-intensity, low-impact strengthening workout based on Velocity’s Power but modified to be doable from home or on any slippery surface. There are optional equipment recommendations such as sliders and/or a pilates ball but all exercises are doable with no equipment. These workouts vary from 20 to 45 minutes long and from intensity level 2 to a level 5.


HIIT is a challenging 15 to 50 minutes workout. The exercises are a mix of heart-elevating movements and strength exercises with no equipment necessary. When you take into account the amount of coordination and muscle recruitment needed to do each of these exercises, it is easy to see why it gets an intensity level 3, or more often 4 or 5.


Unlike HIIT, these exercises don’t elevate the heart rate but instead focuses on building muscle. Most of the exercises are body-weight movement but options to use hand weights and therabands are provided. Once more you can tailor it to your need that day by choosing from workouts of 20 to 50 minutes and intensity levels 2 to 5.


Velocity Live will concentrate on Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa Yoga with potential expansion into meditative, relaxing and restorative Yoga as well. For these workouts, you only need a mat and an optional block for some exercises. You can choose from workouts of 15 to 60 minutes and intensity level 1 to 4.

Stretch & Flexibility

These exercises are recommended post-workout in order to aid in recovery and in some cases increase flexibility. Therefore, they are low intensity at levels 1 or 2 and can last between 3 to 30 minutes. Most of the workouts require no equipment although you can add an optional foam roller to some exercises.

What are the intensity levels?

Our concept, the same as for our in-studio experience, is high-intensity workouts with modification to make it inclusive of all fitness levels. To help you better distinguish between different level workouts, our workouts are labelled with the following levels.

Levels 1-2:

Level 1 is light stretching while Level 2 is moderate stretching with some strengthening and flexibility.

Level 3:

It is typically shorter in duration (20 to 30 min) and incorporates a strong push. However, there are a lot of modifications and coaching focused on beginners to intermediates.

Level 4:

This can be any duration, for example, very short & super intense or 45 minutes as per your normal ride or power workout.

Level 5:

At this level, sessions are typically longer (45 to 60 min). The exercises are also extra challenging beyond a normal workout

As we continue to develop the platform, we plan to grow and expand into low-impact, pregnancy-friendly and family-friendly workouts, as well as other concepts like dance. We hope to do this with your continued support and feedback. Velocity is dedicated about fitness and passionate about the impact it can make on people’s physical, mental and emotional well being … wherever they are in the world.

If you are still unsure, sign up for a free 10-day trial and try it out for yourself!

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