Which Velocity Class Should You Try First?

by Betty  – Friday, 19. June 2020

Are you feeling inspired to try a Velocity class for the first time? That’s awesome! Whether you heard about us from a friend or discovered us on social media, this article will help you choose the ideal class to try first. 

At Velocity, we offer three types of classes: Velobeat and Veloburn (our two spin classes) and Power (our strength-training class using an X-former machine).

The Velocity Personality Test: 

We’re convinced we have something for everyone. Regardless of your fitness level, we can almost guarantee that you will be challenged, have fun, and feel amazing afterward! Here are a few questions to help you find the perfect first class for your personality type: 
  • Would you rather: a. yoga or b. running? a. swimming or b. cycling?

    The first aspect to consider is whether you prefer cardio or strength training. Some people find strength training too slow while others prefer it. They enjoy feeling that deep burn in their muscles while keeping their heart rate down.If you choose running or cycling, you are most likely a cardio fan. Cardio will have your heart rate up, sweaty, with an endorphin rush, and a mental release. If this sounds like your kind of workout then we recommend you start with a Velobeat or Veloburn class.Strength training is much slower and more controlled. Although it is not as sweaty or hard on your breathing, it will leave you with jelly legs and muscle burn that lasts for a few days. If you like full-body, low impact workouts like swimming & yoga, Power will be perfect for you.

  • What do you prefer working with more: a. numbers or b. creative tasks?

    Veloburn is more logical, consisting of numbers, a leaderboard, and performance stats to follow and track throughout the workout. At the end of a Veloburn class, you will receive an email with your performance stats including average RPM, average power, total energy, and distance covered. If you are used to number-based or HIIT style training, then this class will be an easy transition. 

    Velobeat is much more expressive and free. Everyone is riding to the beat of the music and the class is often described as a dance party. You will engage your entire body while still being on the bike by performing choreography such as dips and tap backs. If you find yourself getting bored with traditional cardio classes, Velobeat is a great first class for you.

  • What motivates you more: a. competition or b. music?

    One of the unique things about Veloburn is the use of the Veloboard where you have the option to have your stats ranked against the other riders in the room. This way you can use some friendly competition to push yourself harder and move ahead of the person ranked about you. And don’t worry, you can always choose to use an alias or turn it off if you are not interested by the idea of your name and stats displayed to everyone.
    Velobeat is more of a community feel rather than a competitive one while still being a challenging workout. So if getting lost in the music and imagining you are dancing at the club with some friends is what is going to get you to sweat the hardest, then give Velobeat a chance.

  • Do you cycle outdoors as well?

    Veloburn is more similar to cycling in the real world. If you are used to the classic cycling, perhaps Veloburn would be a nice first step into the indoor cycling worldIf you fall into the category of people who claim they “hate” indoor cycling classes, we dare you to try a Velobeat class.

How to pick your ideal instructor

The instructor you have during a class can make a huge difference to your experience. There is no such thing as the perfect instructor, but there is the perfect instructor for you. We have a huge range of instructors from very diverse backgrounds. You are guaranteed to be able to connect with them over one or more different things such as their background, language, music, humor, etc. We recommend trying a few different instructors to get a sense of who you connect with the most.

  1. Read the instructor’s bio on the website

    Each Velocity staff member has a short bio on our website where you can read a bit more about them and their background. There might be something about someone’s background that helps you to connect with them!

  2. Find someone with your favorite music style

    We all have different music tastes – finding a coach who plays exactly what you like can be extremely motivating! In the description on the website, you can also find each coach’s music taste.

  3. Follow the coaches on social media

    Social media is a great place to get a better sense of who you are training with and what they do in their daily lives outside of the dark room.

  4. Call & ask us to pair you with someone!

    If you’re still not sure who to try first, call in and let us recommend someone for you based on what you’re looking for 🙂 

The Perfect 1st Class Experience

Now that you’ve chosen which class to visit, here are some of tips for the best experience once you arrive: 

  • Come 20 minutes earlier so that we can check you in, show you the studio, and set up your equipment for you. 
  • Bring water or buy a reusable water bottle at any of the studios.
  • Your instructor will take time before the beginning of class to explain everything about setting up the bike or how to use the X-former machine.  Tell them about any pre-existing conditions or injuries at this time. 
  • Listen to your body. It is fine to take it a little bit easier and go at your own pace while you adjust to the equipment and class structure. 

Now that you are ready to try your first class, it’s time to book your welcome pack