Why Power?

by Mal – Friday, 11. July 2019

Power combines the best of all worlds when it comes to your fitness. Read below to find out how Power delivers everything you could possibly want in one 45-minute workout.

1) Strength, baby

Power ensures you use an enormous amount of muscle fiber. This means your muscles contract and extend with maximum strength. It’s no wonder professional athletes use it as part of their training routine, like American Football team The Denver Broncos.

2) Calorie torcher

Because you are using so much muscle energy, you burn a huge amount of calories in just 45 minutes… approximately 400-500 calories in one class! And as you already know, burning more calories makes you burn more body fat & slim down even after you’ve stopped working out.

3) Sculpt without the bulk

After 15-20 classes you can expect a stronger, leaner body with muscle tone. Muscle tone is different than muscle gain; you’ll see more visible muscle and you’ll feel firmer & tighter without any added kilos.

4) Low Impact

Of the over 100 moves on the Xformer, almost every one of them is low-impact on your joints. That means low-risk of injury and wearing down the cartilage that can lead to problems down the road. It’s also great for building muscles around the joints to help stabilize and prevent injury during other sports.

5) Amazing Instructors

All of our instructors go through a rigorous training which lasts months, sometimes taking 3-4 classes in just one day. As a result, they are passionate and understand the benefits first-hand. They are trained to give you the energy you need to take you through a class safely while having fun and maximizing every minute.

6) Balance & Coordination

It’s no secret that you need to focus while in a Power class. Because you are on a machine that moves, your body engages muscles for balance and uses all of its coordination to perform the exercises & remain stable. That’s a good thing! Improved balance & coordination help you move better and can help to prevent injuries.

7) Flex & Stretch

Although you don’t have to be flexible to attend Power, you will become more flexible as a result. Flexibility means you’ll move better with an improved range of motion. You’ll also stretch muscles to lengthen them and aid with recovery. And with that, you can train harder and more often!

8) Posture perfect

Power helps to improve posture & alignment. With frequent practice, the health of your spine increases, helping to decrease the risk of back problems later in life and keep you upright. You’ll even appear taller!

9) Good vibes

Movements on an Xformer are almost always timed to the beat of music. Our instructors curate their own unique playlists to maximize the energy and good vibes in class. Just like with Velobeat and Veloburn, we like to turn it up, and that means our instructors are microphoned so you’re sure to catch everything in class.

10) Ideal Cross-Training

For all you endurance, cardio or ride fanatics, Power is the perfect compliment. It’s not only a change-up to your routine, Power strengthens big and small muscles, targeting stabilizers as well as your core (think: core power transfer). Power’s emphasis on “Harder. Better. Slower. Stronger.” gives your muscles both strength and endurance, ultimately making you a stronger rider.

11) New friends

As with any Velocity class, you’ll be surrounded by an amazing community of people. The people who come to Velocity are like-minded in that they are happy to be there, care about their health, and want to ensure they make the most out of class while having fun doing it! You’re bound to meet people and make new friends.

Lucky for you, we will offer tons of Power classes each week between our 2 locations… Zug and, opening in August, Zürich Enge!