Velocity Instructors’ Top Tips for your Winter Workout Regimen

by Lisa – Wednesday, 13. November 2019

Winter is here and it’s cold outside again. It gets dark early and the weather is making me tired. Many of us would rather spend most of our time in our warm apartments and avoid working out in the chill. On top of this, delicious holiday treats make us feel more guilty. At Velocity, we know it’s not easy to get moving during this time of year, but we still want to stay fit and feel good. To achieve exactly that, I asked our instructors what kind of winter workout tips they recommend.

To strengthen his immune system, Daniel likes to go to the Sauna in Seebad Enge. He spends 15 to 20 minutes inside the Sauna and after that, he takes a swim in the cold lake. He says this is very healthy for your body.

Priscilla prefers drinking a lot of ginger shots or hot water with fresh lemon & ginger during the cold wintertime. Warm drinks with Vitamin C helps to keep your body healthy.

Stephane likes enjoying the sun on the mountains, so that he can fill up his batteries of Vitamin D. You can also supplement Vitamin D as well if you already know that you’re not going to spend that much time under the sun during the Winter months.

Eating a lot of citrus fruit supports Josue’s health and at the same time it helps him to maintain energy and power. He recommends to add them to drinks and food or  to enjoy on its own whenever you have an opportunity to consume fruit during the day.

Fabian recommends trying different indoor workouts like Les Mills, Velocity and others to stay fit and healthy.

“Find something you love doing every day no matter what the weather” says Aaron.

And finally, George says “don’t change anything… keep doing what you were doing in the Summer!”.