The effect of music on your workouts

by Sophie – Saturday, 10 August 2019

The benefits of music

A movie would not be the same without music. A party would not be much fun without music. The same goes for workouts. Music is essential for most of us during exercise.

If you are not convinced yet, here is a list of benefits from combining music and sports.

More comfort

Doesn’t it make you feel more comfortable when you listen to music and move at the same time? It almost seems natural to lift heavy weights or run through the forest while listening to a beat.

A study suggests that people who listen to a favorite piece of music during exercise can decrease stress and lower their heart rate in comparison to those who do not listen.

Improved Endurance

Listening to music has shown the effect of improving muscular endurance of junior high students doing sit-ups. Additionally, college women have shown increased performance while doing push-ups and listening to music at the same time.

Thus, music can assumedly make us perform better.

More fun

With music, everything is much more fun. It makes working out feel like a little party in your mind.


Selecting different music can make repetitive workouts seem unique. Every movement can feel good when listening to the right music. Music can also increase the variation in muscle activation by doing sports to different beats. This is very beneficial, as it helps to achieve your results faster.

Considering all those points, it seems obvious that music must be beneficial for our workouts. If you struggle to find the right music for your workouts, do not hesitate to ask our instructors for tips and tricks, or follow them on Spotify for inspiration.


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