5 Benefits of Strengthening Your Core

by Laura – August 31 2021

Believe it or not, core strength is not all about six-packs. Your core is the central point of most movement you conduct through your body and play a crucial role in the majority of tasks you would perform on a day-to-day basis such as getting dressed in the morning to lifting groceries, as well as all athletic exercises and weightlifting. Here are some benefits of working on your core:

Improves stability

A strong core means the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen work in harmony. When all of these vital muscle groups are working in harmony, your coordination and stability will naturally improve. 

Improves posture

Back pain and a stiff neck can be some of the most common complaints of workers who sit at a desk for long periods of time. If you work on your core, your posture will improve as your core muscles are not only the abdominal muscles, they also include the oblique muscles around your torso. So when your core muscles are stronger your spine will be supported better and you’ll be able to keep upright for longer. 

Improves concentration & brain power

Core exercises stimulate the area in the brain called the cerebellum. This affects coordination, spatial awareness and balance. If you do sports such as tennis, football or basketball you’ll require good hand-eye coordination so get those ab-exercises into your fitness routine to always perform at your best.

Easier to do most physical activities

The core muscles are crucial players in the transfer of energy from larger to smaller body parts. When these large muscles are stronger they distribute the energy more efficiently and therefore make your performance of sports or daily activities much easier. 

Prevents injury

A strong center will ensure all movements are strong, stable and pain-free. 

If you train a lot without a strong core you’re more likely to have an injury because most movement in your body begins at the center and moves outwards. Begin on your core stability and strength and then the rest of your body.

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